Horoscope of Fortune: the luck of the Zodiac signs

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Horoscope of Fortune: the luck of the Zodiac signs

Each of us is lucky in something: some in love, some in business. It is important only to understand in which area our fortune favors us and make every effort to ensure that happiness does not bypass us.

To understand this, you should study the influence of the ruling planet on the sign of the Zodiac and, based on this, understand what your luck is and how to use this gift to the maximum benefit.


Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet that endows man with courage, uncompromisingness and business acumen. In this sense, Aries should look for their happiness in business and managerial activities. Aries is simply the type of person who has strong leadership qualities and who is not afraid to take responsibility. Representatives of this sign is easier than others to break into executives. He always plays big, and thanks to his natural drive, he often wins.


Taurus is lucky in money. On the one hand it is difficult to understand, because the Taurus is not the business acumen, and irrepressible desire for power, as in Aries. But that changes when you look at the ruling planet. Venus, which is in Taurus' favor, gives these people incredible fortitude and tenacity. Due to these qualities Taurus always brings to the end of the initiated business and achieves success in any sphere, especially if it is associated with money. In addition, this person is distinguished by frugality, so Taurus usually has more money than others.


It is impossible to name a specific sphere in which Gemini people are lucky. It is more correct to say that these individuals are the most fortunate in the zodiacal pleiad. Where do they have this gift? Probably it's all the fault of Mercury, the planet that endows Gemini with incredible communication skills. These people know everything ahead of time, and that is why they shrewdly avoid the decisions that could negatively affect their lives, and they try to go where success is waiting for them.


These personalities are lucky to have good people. And here, again, can not do without the influence of the planets. Cancer is known to be ruled by the Moon, which gives this person an excellent intuition. Because of this, Cancer knows exactly with what people they will be good, and from what personalities blows disaster. Because of this feature of the personality of this sign maneuver between people, surrounding themselves only with those who can bring love, harmony and other benefits of life.


Leo seems to have it easy to do everything in life. This is partly true, because they are lucky to be born under the patronage of the Sun. This planet blessed its wards with real talents that allowed the Leo to become rich and famous. The only thing worth adding is that this sign belongs to the element of fire, which means that it is ambitious, courageous and ready to take risks for the sake of popularity and success.


Frankly speaking, Virgo is much less lucky than the rest of the zodiac signs. Because of their relationship to the earth element, Mercury, as the ruling planet, does not endow Virgo with much needed sociability and drive for success. Virgo, however, is not discouraged. Element of the Earth gave them the stability and the ability to adapt to any turn of fate, and because there, where others lose and go down the distance, Virgo hold their ground, and even come out in the leaders.


To understand what exactly the representatives of the sign of Libra are lucky, it is necessary to communicate with this person. This will allow you to notice a special pattern - in the vast majority of cases, Libras make the right, and therefore, winning decisions. This advantage is given to the Libra element of Air. It is she who gives the wards of Venus and Mars in exile a special intuition aimed at success. By the way, even winning the lottery happens in Libra much more often than in other zodiac signs.


Persons of this sign are lucky in love. Just Scorpio has a special magnetism, which allows you to easily attract the opposite sex, and conquer the heart of someone they truly love and care about. This gift was bestowed upon the personalities of this sign by harsh Mars in combination with the element of Water. Inner strength and incredible charm are the two ingredients that make Scorpio the luckiest person in love and the most successful due to his or her partner.


It is impossible to single out one particular area in which Sagittarius people are lucky. Luck loves these people and evenly tosses them happy moments in all areas of life. Probably it is all because of Jupiter, which gives these personalities the ease of being and the carefree attitude to life. Due to his character Sagittarius does not notice the problems and they bypass him. Moreover, the benevolent character and altruism that flows from Sagittarius, surrounds him with loyal friends. And they are always ready to come to the rescue and solve any issue.


What are Capricorns lucky in? In fact, life does not spoil these people, often sending tests rather than easy solutions. It's only the resilient character that Saturn gives Capricorns that helps them out. It gives Capricorn, as its ruler, incredible discipline, and the ability to hold onto things that sink through the fingers of others. As a result, Capricorn's good fortune lies in the phrase "discipline beats class," as well as the ability to retain all the knowledge, things and connections that others have long lost.


Aquarians are true dreamers who at first glance seem detached from reality. It is just their dreams, as a rule, grandiose and unusual, and therefore do not believe in their reality. This is where Mrs. Fortune comes in. "Planet of reformers" Uranus gives Aquarius such internal strength, due to which they do not doubt in their victory, and rushed to the implementation of the most incredible fantasies. And the most amazing thing is that the belief in success often leads them to victory.


Pisces are called the most secure of all the signs of the Zodiac. It is believed that these individuals have a guardian angel who keeps them safe from the troubles and suffering of this world. But most likely, their luck lies elsewhere. The water element gave Pisces the ability to smooth over any difficult situations, and Neptune bestowed special intuition and natural caution saving him from participation in doubtful enterprises. Pisces are not fearful, they just sense danger a mile away!

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