Rising sign

Rising Sign (Ascendant) is now Capricorn 14°46'41''

Moon horoscope

Moon horoscope.
Now the sun is in the sign of Gemini 11°49'32'', the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio 21°54'6''


Nineteenth - moon house, 21°54'6'' Scorpio.

Moon yesterday

1 june 2023: 13-th lunar day; 🌓 Rising 2nd quarter from 27 may 2023 18:23;Symbol of the day: Wheel; Moon in sign: Scorpio

Moon tomorrow

3 june 2023: 15-th lunar day; 🌓 Rising 2nd quarter from 27 may 2023 18:23;Symbol of the day: Snake; Moon in sign: Sagittarius


Lunar calendar

14-th lunar day 18:06
Symbol of the day: Pipe
Moon in sign: Scorpio 21°54'6''
Moon house - 19
Rising 2nd quarter from 27 may 2023 18:23
Moon Visibility: 97%
Distance to the moon: 381 029km
Moon age: 13d 3h 17m
New Moon: 19 may 2023 18:55
Second quarter: 27 may 2023 18:23
Full Moon: 4 june 2023 06:43
Last quarter: 10 june 2023 22:32
New Moon: 18 june 2023 07:39

Один из самых мощных энергетических дней выпадает на 14-е лунные сутки. Это чрезвычайно активный день, который может принести как пользу, так и вред. Это последний день перед полнолунием, а потому у каждого из нас есть последний шанс подтянуть хвосты и доделать все то, что для нас особенно важно....


The secret of success for each zodiac sign

Who doesn't dream of being in demand, lucky and successful? But not all of us can boast of real success in life.

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Horoscope feuds. Who you don't want to be with

Have you ever noticed that with some people we easily find common ground and quickly become friends, while in the company of others we don't last five minutes?

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Zodiac Signs: Why haven't you met your soul mate yet

The need to find a soul mate, to meet a soul mate, lives in all of us. But sometimes the search drags on...

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The key to a woman's heart by Zodiac sign

Every man in love dreams of conquering the woman he likes. But all girls are different, with their own characters, and therefore find the right approach to the object of adoration is incredibly difficult.

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How the signs of the zodiac flirt

Flirting is a wonderful thing! It helps us make acquaintances, attract people around us, and just have a good time lifting our spirits.

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Location Moscow Center Beginning of morning twilight: 03:17:46 Beginning of morning blue hour: 03:29:13 Sunrise: 03:52:08 End of morning golden hour: 04:49:23 Sun at an angle: 30°50'0'' Zenith: 12:27:28 Evening golden hour start: 20:05:32 Sunset: 21:02:48 End of evening blue hour: 21:25:42 End of evening twilight: 21:37:09 Day: 17h 10m 40s Distance to the sun 151 736 298 km before Summer Solstice: 18 days 19 hours (21 june 2023)
Zodiac sign now

The sun will be in the sign Gemini 11°49'32'' from 22 may 2023 to 21 june 2023

Year 2023

2023 Eastern Chinese calendar year is the year of black water Rabbit

Year 2024

2024 Eastern Chinese calendar year is the year of blue-green wood Dragon

Pancake week

Next pancake week from 11 march 2024 to 17 march 2024


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