How the signs of the zodiac survive a breakup

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How the signs of the zodiac survive a breakup

Parting with a loved one is an acute and even difficult moment, especially for someone who sincerely loved and made plans for the future together.

Let's face it, not every person knows how to break up beautifully. Of course, there are those who, even having decided to part, remain good friends. But there are also many who go to extremes and continue to cling to the relationship.

It is interesting that attitudes toward breaking up are largely determined by our zodiac sign. Let's see if you recognize yourself?


The ambitious Aries is a fighter to the bone. Anticipating a breakup, he may be the first to declare the breakup so as not to be in the losing position of being dumped.

However, if you dumped Aries, be prepared for him to try to get the relationship back! This person doesn't like to lose, which means your partner should be prepared for Aries' attempts to claim you as his property.


Taurus holds on to the relationship to the last, believing that things will get better. But if this man decided to break the hopeless union, no one will be able to prevent it!

The most painful for Taurus is the betrayal of a loved one. If the partner decides to part with the ward of Venus, and declares that he is leaving for another person, he risks to feel the full force of Taurus revenge.


Mercury wards are dual personalities who never show their true feelings in public. Therefore, after a breakup, the Gemini sign personalities will behave as if nothing has happened - meet with friends, attend revelry events, laugh a lot and have fun.

Except that in the soul of the Gemini will be "scratching," and therefore at home, away from friends, this person may be sad and cry bitterly about the love that has gone.


Cancer is too attached to a loved one, and therefore the news of parting often puts this person in a stupor. During such a period, Moon ruled personalities need to close themselves in their "shell" and be alone.

Cancer will not cling to the relationship. Strong resentment will not even allow you to get close to a once beloved person. And yes, this person can take revenge, telling those around him all the undertones of a once happy relationship.


Leo subtly feel the degree of the relationship, and if they "gave a crack," quickly find an excuse to announce the breakup first. To be in the role of the abandoned man to the Leo did not betray. At least because it can hurt his reputation - the most valuable thing that has the King of Animals.

Leo, on the other hand, experiences breakups easily. He does not know how to take offense for a long time, and will not pour out a "slurry" on the once beloved person. On the contrary, will set an example of how two sensible people can separate.


Virgoes tend to be in charge of all their relationships. Therefore, if it has come to a breakup, the first to announce it is the wards of Mercury.

But leaving a Virgo is much more difficult. The representatives of this sign will not just leave their partner alone! First they will express to him all the existing shortcomings and accuse him of all his sins, and then they will exchange the anger for mercy and propose to try to correct everything.


Parting for the personalities of this sign is a collapse of their ideal world that they have been creating for so long. Therefore, it is very difficult for Libra to come to terms with the fact that they will never be together again with their beloved.

Libras cling to the relationship for a long time. Offer the other half to "take a break", to think things over, and at the same time they do everything to return the feelings.


Scorpios are sharp personalities, and therefore abandoning their partner, instantly exclude him from their lives and even advise their friends not to think about him.

But throwing Scorpio just will not work. The wounded ego of this person makes him vengeful, and therefore incredibly dangerous! Moreover, a person ruled by Mars can hatch a plan of revenge for months. That is why it is better to dot all the i's and cross all the t's, when breaking up with Scorpio.


Good-natured Sagittarius will do everything to say goodbye to the loved one without tears and hysterics. Moreover, he will offer to continue to communicate and even to be friends. With his positive character it is quite possible.

At the same time, having left Sagittarius, do not expect that he will try to return the relationship. A representative of the element of Fire will not give the impression that he was betrayed. He will simply go his own way, trying not to cross paths with the once beloved person.


Capricorn enters into relationships seriously and for a long time, and therefore the news about the parting usually makes an exploding bomb effect on him! This person is not vindictive, he will not make intrigues even to the one who betrayed him.

But resentment will definitely remain. The only thing that he will try to bring his partner to a frank discussion in order to understand what exactly was destroying their union. It is important for the subject of Saturn to know this so that in the future not to make any mistakes.


Usually the representative of this sign is the first to declare the breakup of the relationship. But if Aquarius himself was put before the fact of parting, he definitely will not put his hands on himself.

A man with a philosophical approach to life knows that whatever is done - is done for the better! Therefore, after parting Aquarius immediately begin to look for a friend with whom you can have fun and spend intimate conversations.


Enamored Pisces painfully endure breakups. They are so deeply felt by the other half, that when they learn about the breakup of the relationship, they believe that their future life does not matter...

Quite often after parting Pisces withdraw into themselves, begin to drink or addicted to drugs. Therefore, such people need as soon as possible to find a new meaning in life.

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