The key to a woman's heart by Zodiac sign

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The key to a woman's heart by Zodiac sign

Every man in love dreams of conquering the woman he likes. But all the girls are different, with their own characters, and therefore find the right approach to the object of adoration is incredibly difficult.

Experienced womanizers say that it is necessary to act on the basis of the zodiacal affiliation of his lady of the heart. Let's find out how to pick up a key to the heart of his beloved, knowing her zodiac sign.


Aries woman dreams to see next to a strong man who will not concede to her in strength of character. She does not need a timid young man, but at the same time does not need a formidable dominant.

Behave with such a woman to suave, not suppressing her, and not putting yourself above her beloved. It is this "soft power" that has a mesmerizing effect on the wards of Mars, and attracts a strong woman to a man like a magnet.


To love with all her soul, a woman of the sign of Taurus needs to feel the support and a reliable male shoulder. If you prove to your beloved that the words "home" and "family" to you are not empty words, do not doubt, she will see you as her soul mate.

Also, the key to the heart of the beloved lady sign of Taurus is loyalty. It is very important for her to believe that in your heart there is no room for another woman.


Gemini women do not seek to enter into a relationship just because they are sure that next to their beloved, they will have a lot of restrictions. And these ladies are not going to give their freedom to anyone. Therefore, to conquer the ward of Mercury, above all, you need to give her complete freedom of action and trust in all.

In addition, a woman is drawn to the Gemini owners of easy character, to men who can sharply and filigree jokes. Bribe her with humor!


In itself Rakinya quite closed person. But at the same time to break through to her heart is possible only by behaving with her, completely open. Be frank with his beloved, share with her what you have in your heart - his thoughts, feelings, joys ...

So you can not only win the heart of his beloved, but also to reveal her huge sensual world, for which the other half will be just grateful to you.


The lioness is looking for a strong personality in a couple. Here's just that even among a million strong men, she can not immediately find his one. Why?

The fact that the Lioness needs a man who, with all the hardness of character will adore his woman, will never belittle or limit her, and even cede the right of leadership in the family. Agree that not every member of the stronger sex is capable of this.


Virgo difficult character, and therefore pick a key to her heart, not everyone. To achieve this, a man should be a born optimist, neat, pedant, but also never lie!

If a ward of Mercury will understand that close to her ideal man, who also values family and is firmly on his feet, she will fall in love without a backward glance!


You can conquer the airy woman of the sign of Libra with her charm and delicate manners. This lady just loves when near her gallant gentleman, who are paying attention to other women, but it belongs only to her.

In addition, Libra is a pair sign, and therefore the representative of this sign will see a kindred spirit in the man with whom she will make all decisions together.


To find a key to the heart of the representative of the sign of Scorpio, you need to be damn sexy. If you radiate sexual magnetism, this young lady will find a reason to get to know you and will do everything to make you belong to her alone!

Also, Scorpioshek "catches" a real man's charisma. She wants to see next to a man who will look at others as a "guru". If Scorpioschka will be proud of her man, she will not give him to anyone else.


For the young lady of the sign of Sagittarius, it is important that the man surpasses her - be more intelligent, have qualities that she herself lacks, so that he can teach her something. With such a man the ward of Jupiter will always be interesting, and it is with him this lady will develop and become better.

And also the key to the heart of a woman of the sign of Sagittarius is inner freedom. She will love a free and independent man with all her soul.


Capricorn woman can be charmed by her wisdom, stability, the ability to achieve their goals. If you are a financially stable person who has achieved everything by himself, if you can support your beloved and teach her to overcome any obstacles, the ward of Saturn will fall in love with you without a backward glance.

At the same time, the key role here is the material stability. This is not mercenary interest, but only the desire to feel solid ground under your feet.


To conquer the Aquarius lady, you need nothing less than to be her friend. In the heart of the lady will fall passionate nature, a man who knows what he seeks, and is going to his goal.

It is important to be original and not to try to resemble others. To such a man a woman of the Aquarius sign will have an irresistible attraction. Finally, if you dream of a ward of Chiron, you need to get rid of your sense of possessiveness.


To get to the heart of a Pisces woman, you just need to share her problems. Help your beloved, become for her that real "strong shoulder", which a man becomes for a woman, and do not doubt, Pisces will not let you go.

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