Your penchant for crime according to the astrologer

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Your penchant for crime according to the astrologer


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Your penchant for crime according to the astrologer

The degree of a person's criminality is largely determined by his genes. However, character has no less influence. Therefore, even experienced criminologists sometimes look at astrological charts to see if a person has a tendency to violate the law.

Let's find out what crimes representatives of the zodiac circle are capable of committing based on the zodiac sign.


This person has an adventurous nature, and therefore can easily agree to an armed raid or robbery. However, Aries is a strategist, which means that if he will participate in such an adventure, then only according to a clearly developed plan.

Although, knowing the fierceness of Aries, one can assume that in a fit of rage this man is quite capable of murder, which, later, will be very sorry.


Taurus are peace-loving creatures who, if they had their will, would always follow the letter of the law. However, the existing reality constantly shows Taurus that life is unfair, and it is necessary to show cunning if you want to eat well and be happy.

Therefore, if given the opportunity, Taurus is quite capable of stealing, especially where it works. But the ward of Venus will steal cautiously, in minimal quantities, so that even if caught, he won't be accused of theft.


There is a real fraudulent talent hidden within the representatives of this sign. It is not very difficult for the Mercury's ward to twist the person around his finger, "to hoodwink him" and to swindle the necessary sum of money.

No wonder that in the ratings of cheaters among the representatives of the zodiacal circle Gemini is the undisputed leader. And the most surprising thing is that by deceiving others, these individuals do not feel that they are committing anything criminal.


Peace-loving Cancers try to avoid crime and sow peace and harmony around them. But few know what thoughts swarm in the heads of the wards of the Moon.

Cancer is used to act from behind the scenes, for example, engaged in official forgery, if he needs to move up the career ladder and to defame a competitor. In addition, the personalities of this sign are able to appeal to a person, to mislead him and thus to extort a large sum of money from him.


Leo is very sensitive to its reputation, that is why you will never hear about the representatives of this sign in the criminal summaries. Too well they know how to "cover their tracks".

In fact, with their strong-willed character and invariable authority, Leo often become the organizers of criminal associations, their shadow leaders and coordinators of all criminal affairs. However, no matter what crime did not go Leo, he never gets his hands dirty.


Mercury's underlings are true strategists who are capable of devising an ingenious plan to rob a bank. Coming up with the "con of the century" and carrying it out with the hands of others is an ideal option, which is quite within the power of the Virgo sign personalities.

Cunning, capable of thinking several moves ahead, Virgo, as a rule, are engaged in organizational moments, being the shadow leaders of criminal groups and the ideological inspirers of the scams.


Representatives of the sign of Libra only at first glance seem peaceful and incapable of crime. In fact, wards of Venus adore money, and are willing to commit the most insidious crimes for the sake of profit.

Especially often the Libra is a fraudster who extort money from simple-minded citizens through the Internet. Representatives of the element of Air so easily gain the trust of others that they are willing to give all their money!


Cold-blooded Scorpios are the kind of person who can go for murder, and even become a killer. This is a cautious person who always prefers to work alone and is masterful at covering his tracks. No wonder that there are many sadists and even serial killers among the Scorpions!

Yes, and in everyday life people try to be careful with Scorpio. It is a hot-tempered man who can easily start a fight, which risks ending badly for the offending Scorpio.


A true adventurer, Sagittarius is capable of the most treacherous deeds for profit. Jupiter's ward is among those who can dare to steal an expensive painting or jewelry from the most guarded bank.

We should also add that there are many Sagittarians who are repeat offenders, and therefore, once in prison, the personality of the sign of Sagittarius often thinks about escape. And, interestingly enough, thanks to their courage and adventurism, they often succeed in their plans.


This person is too cunning to get caught in crime. However, an incredible thirst for money constantly pushes Capricorn to illegal and outright criminal actions.

Capricorn can become the organizer of a criminal community, extorting money from ordinary people or committing raids on businessmen. At the same time, the Saturn ward himself prefers not to take part in crimes, and usually does not appear in criminal summaries.


Aquarius always gets what he wants, even if to do it he will have to go to crime. This person will easily forge documents or provide false information to deceive others and achieve his goal. In fraudulent schemes he has no equal!

In addition, Aquarius is the kind of person who can easily get behind the wheel while intoxicated. And what dangerous crimes drunk drivers are capable of committing, we all know very well.


These individuals try to stay away from crime, but life often throws up surprises. For example, the touchy Pisces can commit reckless homicide by getting into a drunken brawl.

In addition, the wards of Neptune are characterized by increased sexuality. In combination with natural shyness, this can lead to a situation when the personality of this sign commits acts of violence.

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