Zodiac Signs: Why haven't you met your soul mate yet

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Zodiac Signs: Why haven't you met your soul mate yet

The need to find a soul mate, to meet a soul mate, lives in all of us. But sometimes the search drags on...

You are over 30 and you still have not met your loved one? Perhaps the reason lies in your zodiac sign. Let's find out how zodiacal affiliation affects this aspect.


You are a pronounced individualist, a person who sets the highest goals and goes straight to them. You know exactly, before you give vent to feelings, you need to self-actualize, to become "something. And that's why you don't let yourself go off course and let love into your life.

You feel like love will weaken you, make you more vulnerable and become a barrier to your dreams of success.


You are working hard. You feel as if those around you respect and appreciate you precisely for your tenacity and hard work, and therefore you can't stop, take a break and let something other than work and goals for life into your life.

In addition, you are a cautious person, and always "Measure seven times before you cut once." And the other half is not always ready to wait for months from you a hint of reciprocity. Sometimes adventurism is much more useful than an accurate calculation.


Your mistrust often becomes a barrier to happiness in your personal life. Of course, you shouldn't recklessly succumb to your feelings and trust everyone who confesses his love to you.

But measure everything by yourself, and arrange a potential partner dozens of strength tests, too, is not a solution. Learn to trust people, give yourself the opportunity to love without looking back, and you'll notice how your life will change!


You won't meet your soul mate until you realize that you need to build a relationship from scratch, not looking into the past and not comparing your new partner to your exes.

The past is very important to you, and often hinders development, preventing the construction of a normal, sincere relationship. Don't make past mistakes, but don't let "skeletons of the past" prevent you from building a happy future.


Your selfishness and unwillingness to compromise "kill" any chance of a harmonious relationship in the bud. And until you understand that love can only be built on mutual concessions, no love relationship is out of the question.

Prove to your favorite person that you are on the same level with him, let him know that in a relationship you will not suppress his personality, and immediately everything will be fine!


You need to understand that everyone is an individual, and to change your partner "under himself," it means to destroy his identity, suppressing his own "I.

Astrologers advise you to learn to accept people as they are - with all their advantages and disadvantages. Harmony between you and your loved one just in order to find the "golden mean", to find a compromise that will satisfy you both.


Your problem in the relationship is that you are constantly trying to adjust to your partner. This is a good quality, however, the potential spouse sees this as your weakness, which spoils all endeavors.

Try to cost the relationship, starting from yourself - your desires and interests. You'll see, the person you love will love you for your individuality and appreciate you the way you deserve it.


Constantly comparing your relationship with other people's relationships, you find flaws that get in the way of your happiness. The important thing to realize here is that your relationship is unique and unrepeatable, which means it can't be compared and evaluated based on others.

Try to focus on the person you love. Try to make him feel the happiest around you. You'll see, this is the best recipe for a harmonious relationship!


Reluctance to commit to a serious relationship is a real scourge for you. You are afraid of the burden of responsibility, you fear that you may not meet the expectations of the person you love, and these fears become an insurmountable barrier to your happiness.

The way out of this situation is simple. Frankly talk to the person you like, share your feelings and concerns. And then move smoothly, unhurriedly, towards making a couple.


The reason you're still single is because you're mistrustful. It's hard for you to get close to someone you doubt. For this reason, you can't be completely sincere with him, which destroys all good intentions.

To fix the problem, it is important to start small - learn to trust your partner in the little things. Only thus, step by step, you will be able to overcome your fears and let yourself to the one whom you love with all your heart.


You truly believe that your loved one should be as original and peculiar as you are. But in your search for exclusivity, you ignore the simple sincere person who loves you with all your soul.

The main mistake is that you pay attention to the outer entourage, not realizing that really attracts only the human soul. Give your potential partner a chance to reveal and demonstrate his inner world. Then there will be love in your heart.


If you still haven't found your love, it's only because you're afraid of the relationship. You think that your partner will use you for their own selfish purposes, and this thought deprives you of self-confidence.

Try to believe that you can be loved simply because you are a wonderful person. Love yourself and believe that you are worthy of love! That will be your "key" to love and infinite happiness.

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