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Calculating Your Destination by Date of Birth


Is the green beam a rare optical phenomenon or a myth?

How to see a green sunbeam at sunset, where does the green glow come from, what is the difficulty in capturing this event, as well as what myths accompany this phenomenon, read our article.

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Golden hour - time after sunrise for exceptional photos

Golden hour is called one of the most magical phenomena of nature, which we, in our daily hustle and bustle almost do not notice. But if you look closely, the landscape flooded with sunrise or sunset can not but cause admiration!

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Blue Hour - Part of Twilight for Photographers

What is a blue hour, what is a good blue hour for photography, what objects to shoot during the blue or blue hour in our article.

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Moon yesterday

19 july 2024: 13-th lunar day; 🌓 Rising 2nd quarter from 14 july 2024 01:49;Symbol of the day: Wheel; Moon in sign: Capricorn

Moon tomorrow

21 july 2024: 15-th lunar day; 🌕 Full moon from 21 july 2024 13:19;Symbol of the day: Snake; Moon in sign: Aquarius