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Blood Moon

Blood Moon is the most mysterious, mystical and most frightening natural phenomenon ever observed by man. Agree, having got used to the cold blue of the Earth's satellite, the appearance of a red and bloody disk in the sky is perceived as a sign of trouble and impending misfortune.

But should we be afraid of the blood moon? What is it, a normal natural phenomenon or a sign to be feared? And how does the blood moon affect people? Let's find out.

The essence of the natural phenomenon

You and I already know that the appearance of the red disk in the night sky is a rare natural phenomenon that does not carry any demonic threat to humanity. In fact, it is a total lunar eclipse, during which the Sun, the Earth and the Moon line up, causing the satellite of our planet to hide in its shadow. However, instead of completely disappearing from the night sky, the moon pours a bloody color.

Why? It's quite simple. The sunlight doesn't directly shine on the moon. Circumnavigating our planet, it is refracted as it passes through the atmosphere, so that only red rays reach the moon, while all the rest are simply scattered.

By the way, in astronomy there is no such thing asa "blood moon". This epithet to the natural phenomenon was assigned by the National Aeronautics Administration (or simply NASA). Around the world, the lunar eclipse is more commonly referred to as a "hunting moon."

Lunar eclipse omens

To begin with, since ancient times the blood moon has been treated with apprehension. It was believed that the appearance of a bloody disk in the night sky promised various kinds of troubles - severe drought, prolonged downpours or severe frosts.

Moreover, ancient people believed sacredly that it was impossible to look at the bloody disk, because it would lead to a famine year, wars, epidemics or various cataclysms. And first of all, doom threatened the one who looked at the blood moon, as well as all his relatives.

But even this was not the limit. Ancient people believed that the moon poured blood because of an attack on it by unclean forces. The same Incas spiritualized the earth's satellite, and believed that it was attacked by a jaguar, and therefore the tortured celestial body was stained bloody. On such a night they shouted and shook their spears, in an effort to scare away the dangerous beast and save the celestial luminary.

But on the territory of our country, the blood moon was feared, and people tried not to leave their homes on such a night. It was believed that at this time on Earth wanders the evil eye, and does its evil deeds. And everyone believed it, because even the Bible says, "When the white disk becomes scarlet, there will come the Apocalypse...".

Superstitions related to the lunar eclipse

Surprisingly, even today there are quite a few people among us who believe in the devilry that occurs on the blood moon. It is believed that on this night one should not:

- go out into the yard (pregnant women should not leave the house all the next day);
- go camping and traveling;
- open shutters and open curtains;
- sleep in the rays of the blood moon;
- drink alcoholic beverages (you can later become drunk);
- practice medicine.

Blood Moon omens

There are many omens associated with this phenomenon, which often come true even today. Most often they concern love and financial well-being. For example:

- If a man in love whistles at the blood moon under the window, the couple will be separated;
- kissing on such a night promises strengthening of feelings;
- having torn a shoelace on such a night, you should expect a breakup;
- If you put a mirror under the pillow on the night of the blood moon and think about your beloved, it will bring closer a meeting;
- if you put a purse on the window on a full moon, it will charge with the energy of wealth;
- do not "roll up" for the winter on this night and night. They will definitely spoil and disappear;
- you should not cut your nails or hair at this time either. You just won't get the expected effect;
- when falling asleep, it is necessary to turn away from the bloody disk, in order you won't have nightmares.
By the way

, various magicians, sorcerers and witches always performed their black rituals on the night of the blood moon. It was believed to be the most suitable time to cast a spell or a charm.

How the Blood Moon affects a person

Even if you do not believe in omens, and do not know the superstitions concerning this mystical time, it is difficult to escape the thought that the blood moon does not affect our psycho-emotional state.

In fact, the moon has a direct impact on all living things that inhabit the Earth, including humans. This influence is of the following nature:

- before the onset of the lunar eclipse a person becomes nervous and irritable;
- a person may feel sick, complain of weakness and suffer from a depressed state;
- the evening before the lunar eclipse it is easy to snap at other people and have a serious fight;
- the number of car accidents and accidents increases dramatically.

It is especially difficult during such a period for mentally ill people. Their emotional state on the blood moon is strongly aggravated, and this can lead to tragic consequences.

In order not to get into trouble and not to spoil the relationship with people dear to you, before the onset of the blood moon, it is desirable to adjust yourself in a positive way and protect yourself in advance from people with whom there can be misunderstandings. It is better to postpone for a while responsible business, do not sign important documents and do not perform acts of which you may regret in the future. The lunar eclipse simply gives people a sense of permissiveness and false self-confidence. Don't give in to this feeling!

Ominous omen

By the way, given that the blood moon has its own effect on each person, it is not surprising that this event precedes all kinds of military conflicts. Israeli researchers conducted their own study and found that the Blood Moon preceded the persecution of the Jews from Ancient Egypt, the Arab-Israeli war of 1947-1949, as well as the "Six Day War" of 1967.

There can be no doubt that the connection between this natural phenomenon and other global conflicts is also easy to establish, if a proper analytical study is done.

A Beautiful Spectacle

However, one should not make the blood moon the culprit of armed conflicts and the herald of global cataclysms. After all, these phenomena in nature have a more plausible explanation.

It is better to treat this phenomenon as a beautiful, incredibly beautiful sight. Yet it does not often delight mankind. It is enough to see it with your own eyes to understand - there are still many beautiful phenomena in our world, which are worth at least once to see them with your own eyes.

By the way, you may be interested to know that last year, 2020, mankind had the opportunity to observe as many as 4 lunar eclipses! Every year there are at least 2, it is only important to find out when the nearest one is coming and prepare for it by taking binoculars, a telescope, or a camera with you.

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