How the signs of the zodiac flirt

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How the signs of the zodiac flirt

Flirting is a wonderful thing! It helps us make acquaintances, attract people around us, and just have a good time lifting our spirits.

Even if a person declares that he does not flirt and does not know how to do it, do not believe it! Everyone, even at a subconscious level has the skills of seduction, and in the right situation begins to flirt with the opposite sex.

And as people flirt depending on the zodiacal affiliation, we will tell you below.


Aries flirts frankly, with an open mind. In most cases, it looks clumsy and even funny, which can make the subject of Mars himself embarrassed and blush, smiling.

However, when a handsome person is in front of Aries, he flirts so assertively and so sincerely that the person succumbs to his charms and begins to play along with him in return. Usually these are some simple actions aimed at helping and supporting the person he likes.


Taurus is a true romantic who flirts perhaps more beautifully and romantically than any other sign of the Zodiac. Yes, Venus' ward is not a master of florid phrases. His flirtation is a bouquet of picked wild flowers, a modest but memorable gift, an unexpected surprise or a colorful date.

The partner or partner usually does not even notice when an innocent flirtation develops into a beautiful courtship and sensual romance. As a rule, a stormy romance begins with flirting, because Taurus never backs down.


Sociable Twins love to flirt, because it's their form of communication with the people around them. But if a Gemini likes you, you'll notice it right away.

A representative of the element of Air will seek to communicate with you day and night. You will notice the flirting by live communication, phone calls, correspondence and sparkling jokes, with a hint of love and intimacy. Mercury's charges are true virtuosos in sensual innuendos!


Everyone knows how much Cancer loves their home and is committed to family life. What does this have to do with flirting, you ask?

If the Moon ward likes you, he or she will immediately begin to seek a closer conversation, wanting to know literally everything about you. Cancer will be interested in your family, hobbies, habits, in general, everything that will allow him to understand - you are suitable for the role of the other half, or not.


In any situation, the ward of the Sun wants to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to himself. When a Leo flirts, this desire intensifies many times!

The flirting Leo will make broad gestures - to order the most expensive dishes in a restaurant, to commit crazy deeds, in general, in every way to demonstrate his broad soul and serious connections. And the admiration in the eyes of the other half will only inflame Leo, confirming that he is doing everything right.


Virgo individuals are the least prone to flirting. However, they, too, feeling attracted to the opposite sex, begin to flirt. True they do so modestly, even embarrassed of his interest and, in fact, flirting.

Mercury's flirting wards begin to be clever, and they try in every way to help the object of their interest, giving their patronage, or helping to solve problems. Surprisingly, the calculating Virgo is easily reciprocated by such an approach.


Flirtatiousness is in Libra's blood, and therefore they flirt naturally and very nicely. Romantic at heart, these individuals are constantly teasing his partner, then amusing him a funny story, then inflaming the imagination passionate hint ...

At the same time Libras not only skillfully juggle words. Flirtatious wards of Venus are ready to commit romantic acts and amaze the person they like in a good way. You won't always see such smartness in a Libra in a normal state.


Straight-laced Scorpios also love flirting. However, there is less romance in their words and behavior, and more specificity. The literal Scorpions identify flirting with intimacy, and that is why they feel attracted to another person and start scattering witticisms with an intimate bent...

Moreover, the penetrating look of a Pluto ward will tell you more than any words. And if the answer is "Yes!" then you'll definitely end up in bed with Scorpio that night!


Sparkling humor is the first thing that catches your eye when Sagittarius begins to flirt with the person he likes. Moreover, in his monologues constantly sketches ambiguity, and the person does not always understand whether Sagittarius is speaking sincerely or just joking.

In addition, you will certainly feel the flirting from Sagittarius, when he turns on the charm. It is not only jokes and hints, but also special notes in the voice, gestures, touches. In general, it is incredibly difficult to resist the coquetry of this man!


You will definitely feel the Capricorn's flirtation by his assertiveness and desire to be near you 24/7. This person always achieves his or her goals, and therefore, having decided to win you over, he or she will start doing everything to make you become one.

Capricorn will not speak florid words and make hints. And romantic dates aren't about him at all. But he will take care of your worries, and thus he will conquer! Such concreteness is insanely attractive in the ward of Saturn.


Aquarius, who has decided to flirt, becomes very direct and frank. And it's impossible not to notice. Undisguised compliments, at times "on the verge of a foul", which causes arousal, then the desire to escape - something that tries to achieve a true Aquarius original.

In addition, if you like a ward of Uranus, you are guaranteed long intimate conversations that will often end only in the morning. Interested Aquarius will learn everything about you without revealing anything in return!


Discreet Pisces flirt cautiously, as if probing the ground and trying to figure out if the person you like is in the mood for an intimate conversation, or if he cares about something else.

Pisces adjust perfectly to the interlocutor, trying to establish a relationship of trust, and only after this truly reveal their sensual world, flirting so that the partner is just drowning in seductive coquetry...

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