Your year of birth according to the Chinese horoscope


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Your year of birth according to the Chinese horoscope

There are a total of 12 animals in the Chinese horoscope. If the legend is to be believed, it was they who were able to cross the river to see the great Buddha, although he called on absolutely all animals. The Rat came to him first, then the Bull, the Tiger, the Rabbit, and the Dragon. Next came the Snake, the Horse and the Goat. Last across the river came the Monkey and the Rooster, the Dog and the Pig. As a reward for this, Buddha gave each of the animals the right to rule one year. And so a 12-year cycle appeared, ruled by 12 animals.

In fact, our year comes when a person turns 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, etc. It is commonly believed that the year of one's animal brings us good luck and a sea of positivity. It is expected that this period will turn out to be a climbing up the career ladder, making new acquaintances, dramatic changes in the field of love and, of course, unprecedented good luck. But it's not all so straightforward. Let's find out what to expect from this period.

In China, their year is called the Benmingnian or Year of Destiny. For a person whose animal takes the reins of the coming year, this period is special, but not the happiest and most fortunate!

The fact is that according to Chinese beliefs, a person whose animal becomes the ruler of the year, insults the God of Time - Tai-Sui. Since time immemorial, the Chinese have worshipped this deity, making offerings to him every new year, and asking him to protect them from misfortune and send them a better lot.

Obviously, no one wants to offend the Deity of Time, and therefore a person, at the onset of his year, tries in every way to placate Tai-Sui, and thereby preserve good luck. What is needed to do this?

One of the symbols of China is the color red. It is believed that this color drives away evil spirits and brings good luck, which is why any national holiday in China is accompanied by decorating houses with red lanterns and dressed in traditional Chinese robes in red. Red color is the symbol of welfare and positive energy, success and prosperity.

Not surprisingly, relatives and friends give something red to persons who have a Benmingnian, primarily a red hongbao envelope. In fact, a Hongbao is a traditional Chinese money envelope. But its value is not so much in the money as in the envelope itself, which is a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

By the way, in addition to people who have a year of Destiny, the red envelope is also given to children. For many Chinese hongbao is a memory of New Year celebrations and happy childhood, as for us a Christmas tree and tangerines.

If you wish happiness to a loved one who is having a Benmingnian, you can give him something of red clothing for the New Year, such as a shirt or socks. To the person with the troubles that you want to quickly forget about, give red insoles. They will help to "trample" all the troubles.

But you should not rely only on those around you. In the case of the year of the Destiny, it is important to take care of your own well-being. To do this, take note of the following rules:

1. Wear amulets and talismans

The easiest solution in this case is to wear a red thread on your wrist during the year. More expensive, but also more reliable option would be talismans - products of gold or jade, and, of course, the traditional Chinese talisman - a winged lion. It scares away evil spirits and attracts wealth.

2. Venerate the deity Tai-Sui

To placate the God of Time, it is advisable to visit his temple and give him gifts. This will allow you to enlist the support of the deity, thanks to which you will keep harmony in relationships, and you will be sure that you will have success in your affairs.

3. Avoid active relaxation

It is believed that a person who has a Benmingnian is especially prone to injury, and therefore in the year of the animal it is advisable to avoid vigorous exercise and participation in sporting events. But if you can not give up sports, think about amulets. To do this, follow two rules - become a blood donor, and do not forget to brush your teeth twice a day.

4. Decorate the happy side of the world

People who are feng shui enthusiasts know that you should decorate a corner of the house on a certain side of the world to attract luck into your home.

There is a similar tradition in Chinese astrology. Only in this case, each astrological animal has its own lucky side of the world. To find it, one must turn away from the god Tai-Sui. The Chinese move furniture, turn work tables and chairs, as if to leave the treacherous deity behind, and turn their eyes to a happy future.

To understand how to place furniture and which corner of the house to decorate with flowers and statuettes, one must determine where Tai-Sui is located to turn away from him. The reference point is as follows:

for Rat the Tai-Sui position in the north is 0°;
for Bull in the northeast is 30°;
for Tiger in the northeast is 60°;
for Rabbit in the east is 90°;
for Dragon in the southeast is 120°;
for Snake in the southeast is 150°;
for Horse in the south - 180°;
for Goat in the southwest - 210°;
for Monkey in the southwest - 240°;
for Rooster in the west - 270°;
for Dog in the northwest - 300°;
for Pig in the northwest - 330°.

Sitting with your back to this landmark and observing the corner decorated with plants and flowers in front of you, you will leave all adversity behind and strive for a better, and therefore, happier life.

However, do not think of Benmingnian solely as a negative period. Of course, for many people, the year of destiny becomes a challenge, but it is more likely to depend not on the animal, but on the elements, which imposes a more meaningful imprint on the fate of man.

There are five elements in total: Wood, Water, Metal, Earth and Fire. Each element has its own strengths and weaknesses and interacts with the other elements in a different way. This interaction largely determines how successful or unsuccessful your Destiny year will be.

Wood Element.

Fire burns wood, and Metal chops wood, destroying it. Therefore, if you are a member of the wood element, you risk being bullied and criticized in the year of Fire or Metal domination. Such a year promises you a lot of problems. In contrast Water energizes Wood and Earth energizes Wood. Years under these elements will energize you and give you new opportunities.

The Water element.

Water extinguishes Fire, and therefore a person belonging to the water element will have a hard time in the year under the Fire. Moreover, Water is destroyed by Earth, which means that the year under the Water element will be a real challenge for you. At the same time Water is born from Metal (as a result of melting), and moisture nourishes Wood, giving it life. Obviously, the years under the control of these elements will be beneficial to human destiny.

The element of Fire

According to the canons of Chinese astrology, Wood generates Fire, and Fire eventually becomes Earth (ashes turn into soil). This means that in a year under the Wood and Earth element, you can count on the support of others. At the same time, Water destroys Flame, and therefore in the period of the power of the water element, it is worth to be ready for any surprises and decline. Under the influence of Fire also destroys Metal, and this also contributes to the tension and problems.


Earth gives birth to Metal, and Metal, in turn, gives life to Water. In the years of Destiny, under the rule of these elements, "Metalists" can gain new knowledge or make the right acquaintances. At the same time, Fire destroys Metal, and Metal itself chops down Wood. These warring elements will do everything for a person belonging to the Metal element to undergo the most difficult tests.

Earth Element.

Earth is the progenitor of Metal and feeds on the ashes left over from Fire. These elements, having taken over, will give "Earthlings" the support they need and help them stand stronger on their feet. But given that Water is absorbed by Earth, and Wood destroys the soil with its roots, the year of Destiny under the rule of these two elements is worth being wary of. They can put many obstacles before you.

Now you know what the Year of Destiny promises, so you will be able to approach this period with the best possible protection from undesirable consequences and to enlist the support of your animal!

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