Calculating Your Destination by Date of Birth


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Calculating Your Destination by Date of Birth


Calculating Your Destination by Date of Birth

You may be surprised, but there is a very real way to know your purpose in life and to direct your energy and attention to the area that will bring you maximum pleasure and allow you to become a self-sufficient person.

Deciphering your purpose by date of birth

It's not that hard to do. Just write down your date of birth in a certain sequence: first the year, then the month and the number.
Example: 1998 (year), 04 (month) 17 (number)

The last number in this list (in our case number 7) will be the code, which will reveal the secret of your karmic task. This is what you should focus on in your development.

As for the remaining numbers, each of them tells about the qualities that one has developed throughout life. But in order to achieve harmony, close attention should be paid to the numbers that are missing from this list, because they indicate that some qualities we lack, or are not developed well enough.

To identify these qualities, simply write down the numbers missing from your date of birth. In our case they are 2, 3, 5, 6.

Do not think that it is necessary to deal exactly with the missing areas in the table of your destiny. You also need to pay attention to your strengths, which are present in your date of birth.

Deciphering these designation codes

0, 1 и 2

They are called "the numbers of the Divine plan", implying that the presence of such codes implies assistance from Higher Powers.

For example, 0 is a symbol of will and power. But this does not mean that a person with the presence of this code in his date of birth will become omnipotent. Rather, he has a tendency to develop.

The number 1 indicates the presence of wisdom, as well as a great potential for love and loyalty to his partner. And 2, on the other hand, indicates a desire to explore the world.

3 is at the end of your date of birth, which means you should strive to streamline your life. In this you have great potential, which can be used, for example, in the profession of a judge, a lawyer, as well as in physics or any other exact sciences.

4 - developed awareness. Such a person knows exactly what is happening in his life and why. His analytical abilities are excellently developed, which means that with such a potential, the main thing is not to find yourself doing monotonous work, somewhere in an archive or a library.

5 - is responsible for human creativity. Its presence helps to understand better the beauty of this world, to feel it and show it to others, by means of creativity.

6 - indicates an openness to the world. Its absence indicates the need to develop empathy, mercy and compassion.

7 - indicates control of one's emotions. The presence of the number 7 indicates that you know how to restrain yourself when necessary.

8 is a kinship code that shows how close you are to your relatives and, in principle, whether you aspire to build a strong family.

9 is the ability to cope with the difficulties of life, without the desire to resort to the help of others. In fact, the code speaks of your self-sufficiency.

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