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Rising sign

Rising Sign (Ascendant) is now Pisces 2°38'22''

Moon horoscope

Moon horoscope.
Now the sun is in the sign of Cancer 28°23'3'', the Moon is in the sign of Capricorn 17°58'58''


23 - moon house, 17°58'58'' Capricorn.

Moon yesterday

19 july 2024: 13-th lunar day; 🌓 Rising 2nd quarter from 14 july 2024 01:49;Symbol of the day: Wheel; Moon in sign: Capricorn

Moon tomorrow

21 july 2024: 15-th lunar day; 🌕 Full moon from 21 july 2024 13:19;Symbol of the day: Snake; Moon in sign: Aquarius


Lunar calendar

14-th lunar day 18:34
Symbol of the day: Pipe
Moon in sign: Capricorn 17°58'58''
Moon house - 23
Rising 2nd quarter from 14 july 2024 01:49
Moon Visibility: 99.2%
Distance to the moon: 377 495km
Moon age: 13d 21h 49m
New Moon: 6 july 2024 01:59
Second quarter: 14 july 2024 01:49
Full Moon: 21 july 2024 13:19
Last quarter: 28 july 2024 05:54
New Moon: 4 august 2024 14:14

Один из самых мощных энергетических дней выпадает на 14-е лунные сутки. Это чрезвычайно активный день, который может принести как пользу, так и вред. Это последний день перед полнолунием, а потому у каждого из нас есть последний шанс подтянуть хвосты и доделать все то, что для нас особенно важно....


Your penchant for crime according to the astrologer

The degree of a person's criminality is largely determined by his genes. However, character has no less influence. Therefore, even experienced criminologists sometimes look at astrological charts to see if a person has a propensity to violate the law.

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The eternal cuckolds. What Zodiac signs cheat most often

We tend to judge people who are unfaithful to their partners. There are even a kind of ratings of cheaters, those who cannot resist an affair on the side, being in a relationship, or even wearing a wedding ring on their finger.

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How do the Zodiac signs overcome their laziness?

Almost everyone is prone to laziness. However, the reasons for the emergence of this condition vary. One person's laziness is a pronounced character trait, another lacks motivation, and a third just needs a break.

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A recipe for happiness for every sign of the Zodiac

Each of us can be happy! However, if you think about it, each person's idea of happiness is different, because all people are individual.

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What you can and can't joke about with the Zodiac signs

A sense of humor is a valuable quality that not everyone possesses. Therefore, sometimes one inappropriate joke can cause conflict and break up even best friends.

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Location Moscow Center Beginning of morning twilight: 03:41:17 Beginning of morning blue hour: 03:52:25 Sunrise: 04:14:42 End of morning golden hour: 05:10:23 Sun at an angle: 25°42'2'' Zenith: 12:35:56 Evening golden hour start: 20:01:28 Sunset: 20:57:10 End of evening blue hour: 21:19:26 End of evening twilight: 21:30:34 Day: 16h 42m 28s Distance to the sun 152 001 993 km Before Autumn Equinox: 63 days 16 hours (22 september 2024)
Zodiac sign now

The sun will be in the sign Cancer 28°23'3'' from 22 june 2024 to 22 july 2024

Year 2024

2024 Eastern Chinese calendar year is the year of blue-green wood Dragon

Year 2025

2025 Eastern Chinese calendar year is the year of blue-green wood Snake

Pancake week

Next pancake week from 24 february 2025 to 2 march 2025


Next Easter: 20 april 2025