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Rising sign

Rising Sign (Ascendant) is now Aquarius 28°34'51''

Moon horoscope

Moon horoscope.
Now the sun is in the sign of Libra 11°2'45'', the Moon is in the sign of Gemini 17°24'32''


Seventh - moon house, 17°24'32'' Gemini.

Moon yesterday

3 october 2023: 20-th lunar day; 🌖 Declining 3rd Quarter from 29 september 2023 12:58;Symbol of the day: Eagle; Moon in sign: Gemini

Moon tomorrow

5 october 2023: 22-th lunar day; 🌖 Declining 3rd Quarter from 29 september 2023 12:58;Symbol of the day: Elephant; Moon in sign: Cancer


Lunar calendar

21-th lunar day 15:49
Symbol of the day: Horse
Moon in sign: Gemini 17°24'32''
Moon house - 7
Declining 3rd Quarter from 29 september 2023 12:58
Moon Visibility: 70%
Distance to the moon: 389 664km
Moon age: 20d 5h 14m
New Moon: 15 september 2023 04:40
Second quarter: 22 september 2023 22:32
Full Moon: 29 september 2023 12:58
Last quarter: 6 october 2023 16:49
New Moon: 14 october 2023 20:55

Этот период принято называть днем движения. Недаром символом этого периода стал лошадиный табун. День пронизан позитивной энергетикой и заряженностью на работу. Причем, в этот период в особом почете будет коллективный труд. Вместе с коллегами вы сможете свернуть горы и выполнить стоящую перед вами...


How the Zodiac signs become more attractive to others

We won't be deceitful if we say that we all want to be liked by those around us. We want to have friends, to feel their support, we want people to take an example from us, and what's the harm, we want to be envied.

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Where the representatives of the Zodiac signs can find their soul mate

Regardless of one's character, abilities, or goals in life, everyone searches for their soul mate throughout life. It is fascinating, intriguing, and if you are lucky enough to find your soul mate, you can be rewarded with love and loyalty, becoming the happiest person on earth.

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Rating of psychic abilities of the Zodiac signs

Everyone is endowed with psychic abilities to a certain extent. Those with the most pronounced abilities earn their gift, help others, and even participate in various TV shows.

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How the Zodiac signs are ruining their lives

Man is the master of his life, and therefore can both fill it with happiness, love and useful activities, and destroy it...

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Your most attractive trait according to your Zodiac sign

Every person has a trait that makes him stand out from the crowd and distinguishes him from all the others. This trait is our support in life, because thanks to it a person achieves success, makes friends, raises self-esteem, and just feels more confident.

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Location Moscow Center Beginning of morning twilight: 06:15:00 Beginning of morning blue hour: 06:22:34 Sunrise: 06:37:43 End of morning golden hour: 07:15:33 Sun at an angle: 34°14'5'' Zenith: 12:18:20 Evening golden hour start: 17:21:06 Sunset: 17:58:57 End of evening blue hour: 18:14:05 End of evening twilight: 18:21:39 Day: 11h 21m 14s Distance to the sun 149 624 373 km Before Winter Solstice: 78 days 11 hours (22 december 2023)
Zodiac sign now

The sun will be in the sign Libra 11°2'45'' from 23 september 2023 to 22 october 2023

Year 2023

2023 Eastern Chinese calendar year is the year of black water Rabbit

Year 2024

2024 Eastern Chinese calendar year is the year of blue-green wood Dragon

Pancake week

Next pancake week from 11 march 2024 to 17 march 2024


Next Easter: 5 may 2024