Horoscope feuds. Who you don't want to be with

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Horoscope feuds. Who you don't want to be with

Have you ever noticed that with some people we easily find common ground and quickly become friends, while in the company of others we don't last five minutes?

We can wonder why this happens, but esotericists say unambiguously that there are people with whom we are simply incompatible! It is enough to look at the zodiac signs of the surrounding people to understand with whom you can not have anything in common, except enmity.


An active Aries does not tolerate a slow and doubtful person. Therefore, with Taurus and Libra finds common ground only in extreme cases, when he really needs something.

In addition, the ward of formidable Mars is a realist through and through, and does not accept romantics and dreamers who are only able to build "castles in the air. In this sense, this person obviously will not go together with the representatives of the water element, namely, with the Pisces and the Crab.


Taurus is too mistrustful person who secretly expects approval and praise from others. This is how he gets the necessary energy for life. And in this respect Taurus prefers to bypass people who are direct and indifferent to other people's problems, such as Aries and Gemini.

In addition, the ward of Venus, a real hard worker, and simply hates the cunning ones who are used to live at someone else's expense and avoid hard work. In general, Aquarius and Pisces are definitely not his company.


These individuals can not tolerate boredom, and therefore can not tolerate all kinds of nerds, as well as people who act by the rules and adhere to the letter of the law. This group of Gemini individuals includes Virgo and Capricorn.

In addition, the wards of Mercury, who adore a cheerful carefree life, do not like the society of "homebodies" like Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces. Gemini is more likely to have a confrontation with these people.


Cancer - a hypersensitive sign that would like to live in peace with all, but because of his character constantly offended by all. His enemy can become anyone who insults, shows disregard or indifference. Especially hard for these individuals have Aquarius.

In addition, overbearing personalities with a pronounced egocentricity, such as Aries or Leo, are also not a match for Cancer. Next to them, he feels the lack of attention and closes himself.


A strong sign that treats others with indulgence and slight neglect. Apparent enemies of this person usually do not exist. Nevertheless, Leo often competes with similarly strong and powerful people.

Therefore, Scorpio, Capricorn or Aries can become both the best friends and irreconcilable enemies for the ward of the Sun. Fortunately, Leo never openly demonstrates enmity. This is above his dignity.


The man who came into this world to rid it of chaos and bring perfect order, just hates all those who make this mess. In this regard, Virgo finds it difficult to find common ground with Gemini and Aquarius, who love creative clutter.

But even more Virgo hates people who are unpunctual and unobligatory. Therefore, a meeting between Mercury's ward and Sagittarius usually doesn't end well.


These personalities would prefer to live with everyone in peace and harmony. Libra is good-natured and malleable, but do not tolerate next to direct and pragmatic people like Virgo and Aries.

And yet, Venus endowed the Libra with sensuality, and in this sense, the personality of this sign does not find reciprocity in people who are closed and cold. First of all, this applies to Scorpions and Capricorns, people who do not open their souls to everyone.


Most Scorpios have a difficult character. They are freedom-loving people who hate inhibitions and restrictions. Probably that is why it is difficult for them to understand the compliant, and with all agreeing, personalities of Cancer and Libra.

Consider the fact that Scorpio is vindictive, and therefore can easily harbor a grudge against anyone who gets in his way. Most often in this situation are the zealous Aries and self-centered Leo. And with the representatives of their sign Scorpios often have a feud.


Sagittarius seeks to maintain friendly relations with literally everyone around him. However, with some individuals, especially those who want to teach Sagittarius and call him to order, he does not succeed in a dialogue.

Life shows that if Sagittarius will be in a feud, his opponent will be the miserly Capricorn, Virgo, or even too spiteful Scorpio. Yes, and with them he will, in the end, be sure to find a consensus.


Thoughtful and serious Capricorn personalities are uncomfortable in the company of "pro-lifers," as well as people who talk a lot and like to boast. First of all, this applies to Sagittarius, Gemini, and Pisces.

In general, non-serious individuals can never enter the circle of Capricorn's friends, although he has no intention of antagonizing them. More often the fights take place with people as strong and ambitious as Leo or Scorpio.


Aquarius has no intention to be hostile with anyone. He lives in his own unique world, which is filled with pleasant things and intelligent interlocutors. Rather, conflicts are unleashed by those around him, for example, the moralist Virgo or the adherents of family traditions, Cancer.

Aquarians do not want to be like those around them, and this often clings to egocentric Leo and dangerous Scorpio. True, the ward of Uranus does not care about them.


These representatives of the Water elements irritate a lot of people with their exaggerated sense of justice. Especially conspicuous are their conflicts with the impertinent Aries and the cunning Gemini.

But more often Pisces do not find common language with Virgo, who loves to teach life, and trying to limit the freedom of these sensual and freedom-loving personalities. Neptune's wards usually have mutual dislike.

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