Strengths and weaknesses of the Zodiac signs

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Strengths and weaknesses of the Zodiac signs

Every person has strong qualities that give him an advantage over those around him, and weaknesses that make him weaker. Knowing your strengths and focusing on them makes it easier to succeed in life, and if you get rid of your weaknesses, you can become simply invulnerable!

To know yourself better, you need to turn to astrology. Zodiac sign can tell you about your character traits as accurately as possible, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.


Advantage. Aries is characterized by increased energy, fiery passion and the desire to be first everywhere and in everything.

Disadvantage. This person is often let down by hotness and impulsiveness. Aries can ruin any undertaking by its unwillingness to listen to advice.


Advantage. Loyalty and reliability is a trademark of Taurus. In addition, this person is able to earn, and, most importantly, to save money, which is not given to everyone.

Disadvantage. Resentfulness often deprives the harmony of the personalities of this sign. In addition, Taurus is too stubborn, even when it is known to lose.

Gemini .

Advantage. Gemini has a sharp mind, curiosity and incredible communication skills. They always get things done through connections.

Disadvantage. "My tongue is my enemy" - this saying most accurately describes the vulnerability of Mercury's wards.


Advantage. "Children of the Moon" are famous for their developed intuition, which helps them avoid many troubles and difficulties of life.

Disadvantage. Unstable moods and the habit of rushing to extremes, often lead Cancer away from happiness.


Advantage. Generosity and lack of fussiness set Leo apart from many other signs. The personality of this sign will always come to the rescue.

Disadvantage. Leo is often accused of being selfish. In fact, these individuals choose the best for themselves than greatly annoy others.

Virgo .

Advantage. The ability to control and manage everything just emphasizes the unique organizational abilities of Virgo.

Disadvantage. Insulting and suspicious wards of Mercury often alienates people from this person.


Advantage. Libras have a strong creative potential and an amazing ability to draw people in.

Flaw. Libra's indecisiveness and reluctance to take a proactive stance where it is possible to take the lead, spoils the picture.


Advantage. Scorpios have incredible willpower and the ability to cope with insurmountable difficulties.

Disadvantage. Scorpios are feared by others because of their bad temper, cruelty and vindictiveness.


Advantage. This person radiates optimism and fills those around them with a desire to live. Sagittarius is adored for its soulful generosity.

Disadvantage. Jupiter's wards are famous for being unscrupulous and unwilling to learn from their own mistakes.


Advantage. Aiming for results and reliability, along with an amazing work ethic, are strong Capricorn qualities.

Disadvantage. Stinginess and calculativeness, both in terms of money and people, spoil the image of this person.


Advantage. Aquarius is characterized by flexibility of mind and the ability to adjust to circumstances. He is the kind of person who always goes against the fate.

Disadvantage. Fickleness and lack of sincerity prevent these people to build a harmonious relationship.

Pisces .

Advantage. The ability to give moral support is a real gift of Pisces. Also, these people are distinguished by intuition and creativity.

Disadvantage. People ruled by Neptune are often depressed and obsessive about their problems, which doesn't help them make friends.

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