The best and worst qualities of each sign of the Zodiac

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The best and worst qualities of each sign of the Zodiac

There is no such thing as a perfect person! We are all different, with our pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. We all have our own character and temperament, our environment and upbringing, so it's not surprising that sometimes we don't find common language with people, or on the contrary, from the first minute of communication we understand - it's "soul mate".

Therefore, when choosing your environment, when searching for a business partner or a loved one, it is important to know in advance the best and worst qualities of the person. And to understand this will help astrologers.


- Activity. The planet Mars endowed Aries with leadership qualities and incredible activity, thanks to which these personalities are the "motor" of any team. Add to this a wonderful organizational talent and excellent courage Aries, which is not afraid of any obstacle, and you will understand the heights the team reaches under the strict guidance of this amazing person.

- Aggressiveness. At the same time, the fiery element, to which Aries belongs, endows him with impatience and irascibility. The Aries underling ignites like a match when something doesn't go according to his script or when someone dares to contradict this person. Because of this feature, Aries often loses friends and ruins grand plans.


- Reliability. People around adore Taurus for their sensitivity and good-naturedness, and there is a certain merit of the planet-rule of Venus. She also endowed the Taurus for good nature and the ability to give ground, thanks to which these individuals are called the most non-conflict in the zodiac galaxy. But the best quality of the Taurus is reliability. Such a person will never betray and will not start to weave intrigues behind their back.

- Stubbornness. This is a characteristic trait of this sign. Sometimes stubbornness helps in life, for example, when you need to get reciprocity or to overcome adversity. But more often it is a trait that harms Taurus, because after making the wrong decision, the ward of Venus will not change it, even realizing that doing so harms itself.


- Communicability. Gemini are easygoing and direct personalities with whom you can agree always and about everything. Ruler Mercury has rewarded them with excellent communication skills, which means that these personalities have no problems with friends and the right connections. And in principle, everyone will note that with Gemini is never boring.

- Fickleness. Gemini is a dual sign, and therefore they are characterized by impermanence. Such a person can give up without regret, not bringing it to the end, and even break up with the person, although yesterday he swore in love. In many ways, this is because few people can get to know the soul of Gemini.


- Caring. One gets the impression that personalities of the sign of Cancer live only in order to take care of loved ones. Indeed, Moon wards are willing to sacrifice themselves just to make their family feel comfortable. Naturally, the house of Cancer is always in order, because harmony and peace reigns there.

- Resentfulness. But the sacrificial nature of Cancer has a downside. These people are too dependent on the opinions of those around them, and therefore constantly waiting for their support, a kind word, a compliment. And when Cancer does not get satisfaction for his care, and even hear reproaches, he takes offense. And offend the "child of the Moon" will be until he is not hugged, pitied and asked for forgiveness.


- Authority. Leo is always treated with respect. These individuals have a strong sense of dignity and others feel it from a distance. At the same time Leo is friendly and fun, a real "soul of the company", never refuse to help and always give practical advice. No wonder that everyone listens to the personalities ruled by the Sun. Their credibility is not questioned.

- Selfishness. Many people consider Leo to be arrogant, and this is partly true. Leo is selfish; he always chooses only the best for himself, sometimes leading a luxurious life. And this greatly irritates people who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. On the other hand, Leo is characterized by that healthy selfishness that does not harm others, but Leo himself does better.


- The striving for perfection. Virgo is often referred to as "too right." Perhaps some people do not like it, but this approach to life gives harmony to these people. The planet Mercury in Virgo presented them with pedantry and the desire to put everything in order, and therefore it is not surprising that these representatives of this sign live by a certain schedule and always keep a clear schedule. All this allows them to bring themselves to perfection in all areas.

- Pedantry. The strong quality of the Virgo is at the same time its weakness. Agree that it is very difficult to interact with Virgo individuals who are not accustomed to a predetermined scenario of life. And given the love of Mercury wards for the control of a loved one, such an alliance often turns out to be a parting.


- A keen sense of justice. This is a characteristic of the Libra sign. Wards of Venus can't pass the world when the strong offend the weak, when a person lies or commits meanness. Libras often suffer because of their attitude to people around them, but they can be proud of their clear conscience and of making the world a better place.

- Indecisiveness. There is a confidence that Libras could make this world a much better place already, if they were more decisive. Constant doubts are the real scourge of Libra, which prevents them from showing their best qualities. In addition, indecision prevents Libras, with their excellent mental abilities, from being leaders, even though they deserve it.


- The ability to get what you want. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which endows this person with the desire to go forward in spite of obstacles. But he has another formidable weapon - a powerful sexual magnetism, which allows Scorpios to solve most of the problems at hand by simply attracting people to him. Before the attraction of this man no one can resist!

- Vindictiveness. It is no secret that most Scorpios have a rather nasty character. These people themselves are involved in conflict, and the enemies of the wards of Mars can not be envied. Scorpio is a vengeful person, and even years later can inflict a crushing blow on his offender.


- Optimism. Sagittarians never get depressed, and the impression is that the universe itself favors the representatives of this sign. Jupiter, in fact, gave Sagittarius an incorrigible optimism that brings them out of any difficulties in life. In addition, the representative of this sign was an incredibly strong spirit, and this quality Sagittarius unites people around him.

- Straightforwardness. Sagittarius is courageous, and this courage is shown even in words. Everyone has heard about the straightforwardness of Jupiter's ward. This person always says what he thinks to the eyes, and because of that often he loses friends. But Sagittarius is proud of his clear conscience and he is glad that there are people near him who will never lie to him and who will accept healthy criticism correctly.


- Hard work ethic. Capricorn sign personalities are incredible workaholics. One gets the feeling that their whole life revolves around work, career growth and earning money. And no matter what profession Saturn wards choose for themselves, they hone their skills to perfection and become true professionals. It is not surprising that Capricorn is the most respected person in the working environment.

- Calculosity. Life shows that Capricorns are willing to sacrifice a lot to achieve their own goals, including close friends. This person often shows selfishness when it comes to money or promotion, and therefore the personality of this sign is far from always able to boast of loyal friends.


- Unconventional thinking. Aquarius are the owners of uncommon mental abilities. Their inquisitive mind is constantly aimed at development. It is not surprising that among the representatives of this sign there are many real geniuses in various fields of science. The creative energy of the ward Uranus captivates others, and therefore people are drawn to Aquarius, because with this person is always interesting.

- Lack of self-discipline. Observing the Aquarius, there is a feeling that he does not need at all, not a family, not even a home. This person does not feel attachment to the native people and avoids family relationships. He hates domestic chores and loves creative disorder. Perhaps that is why the life of Aquarius, more often than not, is unstable.


- Compassion. Pisces experience great joy when they can help other people or support those who are in difficult situations. A developed sense of compassion and the ability to empathize with other people's problems allows Pisces to be needed. And this is what makes Neptune's charges happy.

- Sensitivity. Pisces - too close to the heart of everything that happens around them. They absorb other people's problems, take troubles at work to heart, and are impressed by the negativity that flows from the television. All this paints the life of a Pisces in dark gray tones, and negatively affects the health of these personalities.

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