The eternal cuckolds. What Zodiac signs cheat most often

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The eternal cuckolds. What Zodiac signs cheat most often

We tend to judge people who are unfaithful to their partners. There are even a kind of ratings of cheaters, those who cannot resist an affair on the side, being in a relationship, or even wearing a wedding ring on their finger.

And what is it like for those who cheat? Life shows that some people are cheated on noticeably more often than others. And you can identify them by their zodiac sign.


Looking from the outside at the relationship of representatives of the sign of Libra to their soul mate, do not even believe that these people can change. Come on, such sensual, romantic, caring. Who would dare to cheat on them?

But in a relationship with a Libra, everything is not so simple. The fact is that their partners Venus wards at a certain stage begin to make too many demands. "You love me less than I love you!", "Prove your feelings!". All this ruins the sensual connection between people in love, and when the partner gets tired of the constant claims of Libra, he or she goes to all sorts of trouble.

What is interesting, Libra for a long time does not even realize that they are treacherously cheated. They just can't imagine how it is possible to cheat on such a sensitive and caring partner?


Speaking of Virgo, what immediately comes to mind is the care with which Mercury wards surround their other half. On the one hand, the partner of Virgo can really be envied - he is surrounded by attention, and his desires, including intimate, are performed literally at the snap of a finger!

However, in life it is not so simple. The partner very quickly gets tired of the "suffocating" care of Virgo. Mercury's wards do not only take over all the problems and concerns of the loved one. They vigilantly control every movement of the partner, follow him, and even demand accountability for their actions.

All of this one day greatly bores the partner, and he begins to look for ease in the relationship, which he finds on the side. The only problem is that Virgo does not forgive cheating, and therefore the information about the "branching horns" that have appeared in Virgo usually ends in divorce.


Life shows that representatives of the sign of Pisces, perhaps more often than other zodiac signs suffer from infidelity partners. And it is not about sexuality or lack of feelings. Wards of Neptune, due to the wild imagination and liberation, are capable lovers with whom you are not bored in bed.

The problem hides rather in the naivety of these representatives of the element of Water. Pisces are incredibly trusting creatures, especially to those whom they love with all their soul. The partner feels this and uses the naivety of the other half to get pleasure "on the side".

By the way, conducive to adultery and the fact that good-natured Pisces often forgive their unfaithful soul mates. They sincerely trust the repentance of cheaters, often stepping on the same rake.


People who know Aquarians well won't be at all surprised to find Uranus' ward in this rating. The fact is that Aquarians are perhaps the only representatives of the zodiacal circle who are ready to offer a loved one a free relationship.

Freedom is the main value in the life of an Aquarius, and even if he sealed the relationship with the bonds of marriage, this representative of the element of Air will not refrain from cheating. And the partner, knowing about the behavior of a loved one, begins to betray him in retaliation, or simply accepts its rules of the game.

However, life shows that the free relations in a couple rarely lead to harmony. More often the partner is fed up with the indifferent attitude of Aquarius to himself, and he makes a decision to break up.


Looking at the attitude of Capricorn to their chosen ones, one wonders how such a person can change? Capricorn is an incredibly gentle and caring partner, who is ready to turn the life of a loved one into a fairy tale!

However, a real romantic and the best lover Saturn's ward appears only in the candy-boquet period. When the romantic fervor of love dissipates, Capricorn returns to his favorite occupation - work.

No, he, as before, takes care of the loved one, but does it without the former passion, "on automatic". All this does not go unnoticed by the loved one, and in time he begins to look for feelings "on the side". And given the suspiciousness of Capricorn and his unacceptability of cheating, we can say that for a long time, these relationships do not last.


The careless Sagittarius adores a wild and easy life, and could live his entire life without any commitment to his beloved. Needless to say, that the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are more often noticed in the infidelity?

True, knowing the good nature of Sagittarius and his immense charm, the other half often forgives his fornicating partner. Only forgiving, she allows herself an affair on the side, thereby restoring the "status quo".

True, it is noticed that mutual infidelity has almost no effect on the family life of Sagittarius. He knows how to build a relationship so that physical intimacy never interferes with feelings and does not harm the relationship. And that is where Jupiter's ward is truly unique!

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