The most generous and the most greedy zodiac signs

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The most generous and the most greedy zodiac signs

Greed is considered a human vice. On the other hand, excessive unselfishness is also not welcome in society. No wonder that when choosing a business partner or looking for a soul mate, we tend to find someone who avoids these extremes.

Astrologers have the unique ability to study a person's character by their astrological affiliation. They know exactly who is the most greedy and who is the most generous among the Zodiac signs.

The most generous signs of the Zodiac

- Leo

Representatives of the sign Leo are the main spenders of the zodiacal pleiad. These personalities adore luxury and constantly surround themselves with expensive things. People ruled by the Sun, sincerely believe that they deserve the best, and therefore are willing to spend fabulous sums on their loved ones.

Many people think that such behavior is selfish, but here it is important to understand that the status of a rich and generous person for Leo is more important than any money. In addition, Leo extends his generosity to his own environment, never sparing money to his friends and loved ones.

- Aquarius

People around him are always surprised how easily part with money Aquarius. But those who have had the opportunity to get to know the ward of Uranus closer, understand that the money, and in general the material world, is not important for Aquarius.

This representative of the element of air feels that every person should have a goal in life, and only for the sake of it worth living. To achieve his goal Aquarius is ready to spend all the money, and if they are not needed, just hand them out to people around. By the way, there is no person to whom Aquarius would have refused a financial request.

- Libra

The main goal of life for Libra is harmony. And they achieve their goal thanks to their surroundings - a loved one nearby and loyal friends. Obviously, the representative of this sign is ready to give everything to people close to them, because reciprocity is much more important than material goods.

In addition, Libra is not devoid of charity, and therefore never spared money to help the poor and disadvantaged. If there is such an opportunity, the wards of Venus are always engaged in charity.

The most greedy signs of the Zodiac

- Taurus

These personalities love it when someone spends money on them. But these people prefer to save their own money "for a rainy day". These representatives of the Earth element are haunted by the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of the future, and therefore Taurus tries to "put some straw" in advance, keeping money for unforeseen expenses.

Taurus can lend money, but in his heart will be strongly worried about the return, and therefore, if you do not want to spoil relations with this person, try not to be connected with financial issues.

- Virgo

Virgoes can not be called greedy in the literal sense of the word. Here, rather, it affects the peculiarity of the character. Mercury wards love to control and regulate everything. Therefore, the family is responsible for the financial matters of Virgo, and all household members have to reconcile their spending with this person.

Virgo is a practical person, and therefore will never give alms to a beggar, but rather will give practical advice on employment, and even actually help find a job.

- Capricorn

Among all the zodiac signs Capricorn is considered to be the main miser. This extremely practical person will never spend money on entertainment or on something that will not bring him practical benefits.

But in addition to being practical, Capricorn is also incredibly frugal. He loves to save money on everything and feels genuine joy when he manages to buy the right thing at a discount. Individuals of this sign often organize a "hunt" for discounted goods, and consider this process one of the main entertainment in life.

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