Thirteenth Sign of the Zodiac (Serpentine)


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Thirteenth Sign of the Zodiac (Serpentine)

In recent years, from professional astrologers and people who are not indifferent to this science, more and more often we hear that in its current state the Zodiac Circle is imperfect, as it lacks another, thirteenth sign. It is called Serpentarius and is supposed to be located between November 30 and December 17.

Whence comes the Serpentarius and is it able to claim membership in the zodiacal family? Let's find out.

Fans of traditional astrology, of which there are disproportionately more, believe that traditions should remain unchanged. Simply, the 12 sectors of the ecliptic, each assigned 30°, and given a binding to a particular constellation, were established more than 2.5 thousand years ago!

However, there is one nuance. The points of the vernal and autumnal equinoxes are constantly shifting. Each year the vernal equinox occurs 20 minutes and 24 seconds earlier than the previous year. For this reason, over the past millennia the established boundaries of the Zodiac signs have shifted from the real constellations by almost 24°, in fact by a whole sign!

And if you place the current coordinates of the Zodiac signs in the starry sky, divided by the celestial parallels and meridians, it appears that the line of the ecliptic crosses an unmarked area. It is what modern astrologers have called the Zodiac.

The thirteenth sign of the zodiac got its name from the god Asclepius, who devoted himself to doctoring and successfully treated mortals with snake venom. By the way, the staff of this deity knows everyone, because it is a symbol of medicine. And the image of the sign of the Serpentine was a mighty man, clutching in his strong hands a huge snake.

By the way, talk about the existence of the 13th zodiacal sign appeared after the publication of fascinating information on the NASA site for children. It explained that the original zodiac signs were 13, but the Babylonians deliberately reduced them to 12, to link each sign to a specific month of the year. This information has only fueled interest in the Zodiac.

Officially the International Astronomical Union (IAU) has not recognized the Ophiucus as a zodiac sign yet, but many people are dejected even by such an intention. The fact is that this sign is located within the current range of Sagittarius, and assuming that Ophiucus is officially recognized as a zodiac sign, it will be a major shift of all 12 signs! Essentially it would mean that one born under Aries would become a Pisces, and that one born under Libra would become a Virgo. Not a very tempting prospect, don't you think?

It is too early to fill your head with ashes, but it is still worth preparing for the possible appearance of the new zodiac sign. Let's learn about the character of the Serpentine.

Characteristics of the sign of the Serpentine

General characteristic

First of all, talking about the character of representatives of the sign of the Serpentine, it is worth accentuating the mysteriousness and mysticism. If previously these laurels were carried by the representatives of the sign of Scorpio, today the main mystic of the Zodiac circle is the Serpentine.

A person belonging to this sign, distinguishes attracted to all the mystical, mysterious and unexplained. He may be seriously fond of esotericism and have some mystical gift. But even if the representative of the sign of Snakehead is not able to see the future or communicate with the world of the dead, it has an amazing ability to seize the minds of people and inspire them with any information.

The Serpentine is fearless, at times bordering on recklessness. This man easily change the place of residence or work, for life is able to try dozens of hobbies, and all because he does not feel any fear of something new and unexplored. In any situation Serpentine retains composure and Olympic calm.

By the way, many of the traits of the neighboring signs - Scorpio and Sagittarius passed to the Serpentine. He is courageous and capable of any adventure, adoring adrenaline and constantly testing himself for durability. At the same time, Serpentine, loves to travel and is easy to get along with people.

Representatives of this sign can be called a true altruist. Often, the Serpentine acts for the good of society, putting their own interests below those of others.

The problem of representatives of this sign is that often changing their lives, these people bring down what they have been building for years. And the good news is that in place of the ruins of a Serpentine can build an even more magnificent structure.

Female sign of the Serpentine Falcon

Representatives of the fair sex of this sign were born to serve society. Like a doctor who sacredly honors the Hippocratic Oath, these people will never miss those who need help and support. However, for all their beneficent nature, the temperament of these women is not easy. They are characterized by:

- Rigidity, sometimes turning into cruelty;
- stubbornness and cynicism;
- scrupulousness and pedantry;
- attention to detail;
- beautiful intuition;
- craving for solitude and recluse;
- unpredictability.

It should be said that women of the sign of the Serpentine are self-sufficient and always achieve their goals. At the same time, because of the difficult character, it can be difficult for them to have a relationship. Such a woman needs to comply, and not every man will pass this exam.

Change or subdue such a young lady - a futile task. If a female Serpentine is something in her head, she will not come off her position. In addition, she vindictive, and be sure to respond to their attackers, even after years. Therefore, a woman suitable man with a steely character and inflexible will that will be able to become her authority.

Man sign Serpentine

Such men attract the attention of all the women around them. And the matter here, first of all, is a strong character. Such a representative of the stronger sex always knows what he wants from life, and boldly goes to the goal. For straightforwardness, rigidity, and even rudeness in the pursuit of his dream, many people call him a careerist. But this is not the intriguer, who is accustomed to leading "backroom games. Man Serpentine always says what he thinks, and for this straightforwardness is respected by others.

Defining character traits for him are:

- Truthfulness and intolerance of lies;
- sociable;
- great sense of humor;
- determined and ambitious;
- categorical;
- inability to compromise.

The male Ophiucus often reach the career tops, and all thanks to the thoroughness, tenacious mind, as well as the ability to bring any initiated case to its end. This man never stops halfway, do not hesitate before making a decision and no doubt the choice.

It is possible to captivate such a man. He has a crush on intelligent, intellectually advanced women, with whom it is always interesting. But to keep his attention is incredibly difficult. Serpentine polygamous, and therefore the woman constantly have to keep the intrigue, always remain a mystery to his chosen one.

It should be understood that a male Serpentine does not tolerate monotony and very quickly tired of life. Attempts to limit a man or bind him to himself usually cause the opposite effect.

This is a very narcissistic person who can be an ideal husband or lover. But if you hurt his self-esteem, begins to rush to extremes, exacerbating, and the situation of the partner, and his own situation.

The main problem of all Serpents, regardless of sex and age, is that they consider themselves ideal people, who by the will of fate have found themselves in this non-ideal world.

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