What kind of car suits a certain zodiac sign

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What kind of car suits a certain zodiac sign

Have you ever noticed how many different, surprising and unlike one another cars are driving on our roads? Today every person has the opportunity to choose an "iron horse" to his or her liking.

Here only tastes and preferences at all are different. And they are defined, in many respects, by our zodiacal belonging. You don't believe? Then try to check yourself.

Let's find out, what kind of cars do representatives of those or other Zodiac signs prefer?


The personality of this sign is characterized by a competitive spirit and the desire always and in everything to be the leader. For this reason Aries, more often choose aggressive cars with excellent launching speed. These people enjoy overtaking the rival, the first to get away from the spot at the intersection.

And the color of their "iron horse" wards of formidable Mars choose aggressive. As a rule it is red and its bright colors.


Economical Taurus tend to have a large car, at least a "station wagon", but better a minivan. This person is used to working with his hands and that is why he just needs a big car that will allow him to transport materials, tools and, if necessary, furniture.

But what is characteristic, even using the car as a truck, the ward of Venus carefully looks after his "favorite", regularly washes it and rubs to shine every panel.


Freedom is the main value in the life of Gemini. This is evident even in their choice of vehicle. Mercury's subjects prefer large, spacious vehicles, for example, a four-wheel drive SUV, in which they can freely travel off-road.

Also Gemini often opt for a motorcycle. This allows them to fully experience the two freedoms.


Family personalities, Cancer, prefer to have a roomy car, in which the whole family, including the dog, cat and other pets, can fit without problems.

Very often Cancer has a cottage, which means they need a cheap, and not the most popular brand, but reliable and roomy car, a kind of "house on wheels. It is important that in such a car there is a place for a thousand little things that are needed for wards of the moon.

The Leo

The Leo never saves on himself, and therefore his car must be such that to be proud in others. Leo is ready to overpay, but to buy such a car, at the sight of which the surrounding will freeze in indescribable delight.

As a rule, these individuals choose an executive class car, the most comfortable and reliable. These people are used to the fact that things express their status.


Practical Virgo people know that the car should be comfortable and fulfill all its functions. Virgo will never buy a sports car if they're not going to race. But they may consider a pickup truck, if they live in the countryside.

For the persons of this sign the status and appearance of the car is not important. The main thing is that it should be reliable and spare parts should not cost exorbitant money.


The representatives of Libra sign definitely have a taste and that's why the car which they will give preference to should be beautiful from the aesthetic point of view. Smooth lines, unusual design - everything that attracts attention and "pleases" the eye, Libras will definitely like it.

In addition, these personalities pay special attention to the color of their car. It should have an unusual, deep color that will distinguish the car from hundreds of others.


These personalities like to impress people around them, that is why their car should make a real delight! Scorpio, rather, will choose a large SUV, which will tower over the other cars.

And if you take a car, the ward of Mars will not spare the money for the most expensive and respectable foreign car. Let it be even a coupe - the car of Scorpio must "cry" about its owner's success!


Sagittarians are fervent travelers, that is why they choose a car for long trips with high cross-country ability. There are many options here, from single travel by bike, to the acquisition of a "house on wheels," allowing the whole family to go on a trip.

And also these personalities adore different tuning and adorn their cars in every possible way, adding originality to them.


Practicality is the key parameter according to which Capricorns choose their cars. A Capricorn car should be as comfortable as possible and should meet the needs of its owner.

Furthermore, a Capricorn car should be inexpensive to maintain and have a minimum fuel consumption. Such a car will be a matter of pride for the representative of the Earth element.


The Aquarius innovator dreams about the most modern car with maximum electronics. These people insanely like to drive a "smart" car, equipped with the latest technology.

In the rest, the car is not at all a subject of pride of Aquarius. He sincerely believes that the car, like any other technique, is meant to serve the man, and not become an object of worship.


Neptune's subjects are those who like expensive, respectable cars, especially rarity cars. Sometimes such individuals are willing to buy a car from the last century and engage in restoring it, because everything unusual and original is very attractive to Pisces originals.

By the way, if the opportunity arises, Pisces will choose a convertible to feel the freedom of movement.

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