What you can and can't joke about with the Zodiac signs

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What you can and can't joke about with the Zodiac signs

A sense of humor is a valuable quality that not everyone possesses. Therefore, sometimes one inappropriate joke can cause conflict and break up even best friends.

To avoid this, you should know what you can and can't joke with people around you. And for a better understanding, let's try to assess the attitude to humor of people, based on their zodiacal affiliation.

Aries .

Representatives of the sign Aries - fans of "greasy" jokes and all kinds of ridicule. If an amusing incident happened to someone, the ward of Mars will certainly ridicule him, and laugh heartily about the incident with his friends.

But a representative of the element of fire does not tolerate jokes. Of course, he can laugh and as if noticing laughter in his own direction, but strongly offended and then punish the offender, but in vain!


Taurus is fine with humor, although he avoids self-irony and disapprovingly looks at the person he is talking to when he tries to mock the Venus Ward.

But the most unpleasant for the personalities of this sign are jokes about money, in particular about the greed of Taurus and the financial problems of this person. Such jokes are more likely to spoil the mood of a representative of the element of the Earth than to cheer him up.

Gemini .

These people like to have fun with their hearts, especially ridicule various curious moments and juicy incidents, such as adultery or an awkward situation in which someone was familiar.

In addition, Gemini is a virtuoso of sarcasm. To sarcasm or make a sarcastic joke for these people is not difficult. They do this regularly and with great pleasure. At the same time, jokes in their own direction are perceived quite normally, as long as, of course, it is not a stupid joke.


"Children of the Moon" love to joke about the family, children, and also laugh with gusto at jokes about conflicts between mother-in-law and son-in-law, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. But frankly speaking, Cancerians like to listen to jokes and jokes more than to tell them.

Also, the personality of this sign is not too confident in themselves, and for this reason they can be greatly offended if others joke about them. Especially offensive to them are jokes about the appearance.


Leo loves to have a good laugh, and often tells jokes among friends. By the way, this is a real "storehouse of funny stories," constantly delighting others with funny jokes.

But Leo himself always jokes viciously, and painfully accepts your address sarcasm and malicious jokes. If Leo begins to be mocked in front of other people, this person may explode with rage. Very much he is afraid to sully his reputation.


Representatives of this sign love jokes that are called "in the theme. If a funny story is relevant at the moment and contributes to raising the spirits, it will amuse the Virgo. In this regard, wards of Mercury love jokes about work or family relationships.

At the same time, representatives of the element of the Earth do not tolerate jokes in their own direction. Any humor about themselves this people perceive as a mockery, and harbor fierce resentment.


Libra is the type of person who is ready to spend a lot of time and effort to make jokes about a friend and amuse everyone around him. Also, these personalities love to make jokes that will put people on the spot. Fortunately they have a good sense of humor.

In fact, Libra is one of those signs that respond well to humor. These people are confident in themselves, and don't worry that someone else's inappropriate joke can damage their reputation.


Sharp Scorpio and likes jokes sharp, "on the verge of a foul." This person has a developed sense of humor, but sometimes jokes vulgar jokes, simply because he does not see anything wrong with it.

What is characteristic, such a defiant humor Mars wards often use to attract the attention of the opposite sex. True, even in his own direction, Scorpio admits humor. But only if it does not concern the family.


A true joker, Sagittarius always has in stock a dozen jokes, which likes to pass off as true stories that once happened to him. And in general, Sagittarius will never refuse jokes or jokes, as long as they are funny and do not humiliate the person.

By the way, Sagittarius requires similar attitude to himself. Jupiter's subject will normally take a joke about himself, if, of course, this humor is light and life-affirming.


Serious Capricorns can joke, but only with the people closest to them, and only if the humor is good. It's just that sometimes even the most serious Capricorn wants to distract himself a little, cheer up and lift his spirits.

If jokes are made about Capricorn himself, the main thing is that the humor should be harmless. And in general, the Saturn Ward can get angry at inappropriate jokes or jokes about other people's grief.


True intellectuals, Aquarians love subtle humor that not even everyone understands. But such multifaceted jokes, with a share of sarcasm or self-irony amuse Aquarius himself, and he is quite happy with it.

At the same time, the Uranus mentee is irritated by flat humor, which gives away the level of development of the joker. At such moments, representatives of this sign can sharply put down a person who can't joke, and point out his shortcomings.


Romantic Pisces adore heartfelt humor in the company of good friends. They generally feel very good, in an atmosphere of good humor and fun. Pisces will be especially pleased by funny stories that happened to any of their friends.

As for jokes in their own direction, Pisces is characterized by a developed self-irony and laughs at themselves with ease. It is only important that such humor does not hurt the dignity of Neptune's charges.

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