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Rising sign

Rising Sign (Ascendant) is now Gemini 9°15'14''

Moon horoscope

Moon horoscope.
Now the sun is in the sign of Gemini 29°7'58'', the Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius 3°36'49''


Nineteenth - moon house, 3°36'49'' Sagittarius.

Moon yesterday

19 june 2024: 12-th lunar day; 🌓 Rising 2nd quarter from 14 june 2024 08:19;Symbol of the day: Heart; Moon in sign: Scorpio

Moon tomorrow

21 june 2024: 14-th lunar day; 🌓 Rising 2nd quarter from 14 june 2024 08:19;Symbol of the day: Pipe; Moon in sign: Sagittarius


Lunar calendar

13-th lunar day 02:28
Symbol of the day: Wheel
Moon in sign: Sagittarius 3°36'49''
Moon house - 19
Rising 2nd quarter from 14 june 2024 08:19
Moon Visibility: 95.2%
Distance to the moon: 392 313km
Moon age: 12d 16h 20m
New Moon: 6 june 2024 15:40
Second quarter: 14 june 2024 08:19
Full Moon: 22 june 2024 04:10
Last quarter: 29 june 2024 00:55
New Moon: 6 july 2024 01:59

Символом тринадцатого лунного дня является земля, а значит, в этот день все наши мысли должны быть обращены на себя и свою семью к своим корням и своим предкам. В этот день можно с высокой продуктивностью покопаться в своем генеалогическом древе, и отыскать в нем факты, которые могут существенно...


What the different signs of the Zodiac can't stand

People can pretend when they support someone else's thoughts or hobbies. But they are most sincere when they hate something or criticize someone.

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Zodiac signs that are difficult to get rich because of their character traits

Who among us does not dream of getting rich and never needing money? And, life shows that people are constantly trying to improve their financial situation.

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The most talented and creative Zodiac signs

There are people whose mere contact with you makes it clear that you have a real talent in front of you! Of course, almost any ability can be developed with a certain amount of persistence.

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How Real Feelings Change the Lives of the Zodiac Signs

Love is the strongest feeling that settles inside, radically changes our outlook and attitude to the people around us. A person in love has new goals, new hobbies, he changes his preferences, his habits.

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What kind of car suits a certain zodiac sign

Have you ever noticed how many different, surprising and unlike one another cars are driving on our roads? Today every person has the opportunity to choose an

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Location Moscow Center Beginning of morning twilight: 03:09:14 Beginning of morning blue hour: 03:20:57 Sunrise: 03:44:22 End of morning golden hour: 04:42:54 Sun at an angle: over the horizon Zenith: 12:31:12 Evening golden hour start: 20:19:29 Sunset: 21:18:02 End of evening blue hour: 21:41:26 End of evening twilight: 21:53:09 Day: 17h 33m 40s Distance to the sun 152 028 453 km before Summer Solstice: 17 hours (20 june 2024)
Zodiac sign now

The sun will be in the sign Gemini 29°7'58'' from 22 may 2024 to 21 june 2024

Year 2024

2024 Eastern Chinese calendar year is the year of blue-green wood Dragon

Year 2025

2025 Eastern Chinese calendar year is the year of blue-green wood Snake

Pancake week

Next pancake week from 24 february 2025 to 2 march 2025


Next Easter: 20 april 2025