How the Zodiac signs behave in social networks

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How the Zodiac signs behave in social networks

Have you noticed how much time we've started to spend on social networks? With the development of the global Internet, people are increasingly "hanging out" in virtual space, and many people actually live in it!

But here's the interesting part. Virtual life also implies its own specific line of behavior, which means that a person's belonging to a particular zodiac sign will depend on the conduct of their social networks.

Let's take a look at the page of each of the representatives of the zodiac circle.


Aries's social media page is a real promotional showcase. There you are sure to find information about his business projects and existing achievements. And when the conversation will start, be ready that the Mars ward will insistently offer you "to get rich with minimum effort.

At the same time, information about his personal life Aries carefully hides. He knows for sure, everything posted on the net may someday be used against him.


These people are used to flaunt their achievements - own hand-built house, sewn dress or beadwork. And also love to "like" various cute pictures with beautiful nature or kittens.

But the most interesting thing is the posts that Taurus posted. Almost always these are their own sayings with a claim to philosophy. And their main goal - to delight their readers and get their share of praise.


Mercury's charges behave swaggeringly in social networks. For them it is an entertainment, a place where you can have a good time criticizing your friends, get into a heated argument and "blow off steam.

Therefore, if in the process of communication you began to notice that all the arguments turn against you, if you began to have anger at the "impenetrable" opponent, perhaps you are communicating with a Gemini.


Cancer in social networks is not difficult to recognize the special approach. Any posted photo or video is sure to cause you an attack of compassion or a desire to help. As you can see, most of the photos with homeless cats and dogs, as well as with children who need money for surgery, are posted precisely by Cancers.

And Moon's ward can also have bouts of melancholy, during which he will talk about sad themes and lament about the frailty of existence. In general, if communicating with a person, you start to feel sad, probably, these emotions caused you Cancer.


Leo is probably the most adequate social media user. He rarely posts photos and pictures, and if he does, he posts really funny pictures that can cheer you up.

In addition, on the page of the ward of the Sun everything must be "with a needle. No low-quality or blurry pictures, only the best and highest quality photos. And most importantly, looking at them, you unwittingly begin to envy the Lion. This is exactly what he wants!


That's who has a perfect order on the page, so it's Virgo. Everything is aligned and clear, there is no poor quality photos, and it seems that you look in a store window.

Moreover, Virgo is a serious person, which means that they do not allow themselves to waste time on arguments and disputes. And if they do discuss something, it's always based on scientific research and Wikipedia.


Libras use Internet pages in order to be constantly aware of the life of friends - to communicate, organize communities and get together in real life. Yes, and communicate with these people, as a rule, friendly, not arguing on serious topics and not insulting opponents.

Although, Venus's wards love to be witty, that is why it is always possible to find a clever saying of Omar Khayyam or Haruki Murakami on their web-page.


Representative of the element of Water knows exactly - social networks were invented for enrichment. And actively uses his page to advertise the activities of his firm or sell his product.

Moreover, there are many known cases where the cunning Scorpio engaged in fraud through the Internet. So if there is someone rubbing someone's confidence in you online, check whether it is Scorpio and whether they are trying to trick you.


Sagittarius does not like to sit on social media. He uses them exclusively to share with others his next journey - rafting on a mountain river or conquering another mountain peak.

Yes, and communicates Jupiter's ward on the Internet solely to coordinate friends and come up with the next exciting adventure.


In social networks Capricorns do exactly the same thing as in real life - to teach those around them. A representative of the element of the Earth loves to give sensible advice, and to feel how those around him listen to his speeches.

In addition, Capricorn is the kind of person who likes to participate in various communities and interest groups. Dachshunds, book readers, pottery enthusiasts - Capricorns are active participants everywhere.


Aquarians are unique individuals, which is evident even in their social media behavior. These people post a dozen photos and as many posts a day. And still manage to participate in the comments!

But the key goal of Aquarius - to find a pleasant companion, with whom you can argue, and even argue from the heart. By the way, Aquarius has a lot of valuable information from such conversations.


Romantic Pisces often use social networks for dating and flirting. Therefore, their posts always carry hints aimed at interesting dating.

In addition, Pisces are obsessed with all kinds of mysticism and various esoteric things. These people will never get past discussions about spells, paranormal phenomena, and the influence of the planets on our minds.

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