How to calculate the representative of the Zodiac sign by appearance and behavior

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How to calculate the representative of the Zodiac sign by appearance and behavior

Astrologers know that in order to find an approach to a person, all you need is their zodiac sign. But how to do it?

In fact, the zodiac sign determines a person's character and even some external traits, which means that by looking closely at a person and especially at his behavior, one can determine with almost 100% probability the constellation under which he was born. Don't believe it? Let's find out!


Aries is easily recognized by a tall, trim body and a bouncy gait. Active lifestyle and a love of sports make his image bright and memorable. And everything is complemented by a lively, intelligent look and a fairly quick speech.

But even more striking is the behavior of Aries. This is a defiant man, always ready to challenge or unleash conflict, if something does not go according to his idea. He likes to play to the audience and talk loudly, attracting increased attention to himself.


Outwardly handsome Tauruses usually have a short stature and dense build. Another distinguishing feature is good-natured eyes and a soft, velvety voice.

And yet the main difference between the wards of Venus is their behavior. Taurus is a polite, delicate person who avoids conflict and likes to show off his achievements. In addition, Taurus meticulously watches his appearance and loves to change outfits.


Athletic, fit Gemini men often draw attention to themselves with their uncommon appearance. Among them, many dark-haired and fiery-red people whose faces are strewn with freckles. Also, the Twins are recognized by the incredibly beautiful eyes in which you can "drown.

Attention is drawn to the sociable nature of the wards of Mercury. Gemini - lovers of chitchat, energetic and adventurous individuals who are often in all kinds of trouble, but never lose heart.


Generally representatives of the sign Cancer appear to us as people with white, very soft skin, as well as a round face, slightly reminiscent of its ruler - the Moon. In addition, Cancer has blue or light gray eyes that seem to attract the eye.

Guess the "child of the moon" can be a capricious nature and often changing moods. Cancer - the famous homebodies, which should long be persuaded to leave their "shell" for a hike in the club. They dress modestly, but tastefully.

The Lion

Leo is often guessed by the majestic posture and luxurious hair, as if this "king of the animals. If you look closely, even facial features - the nose, chin and lips, slightly reminiscent of the feline family.

A distinctive feature of the character is a desire to shine in society, to stand out from the crowd. Therefore Leo constantly appeals to the public with their outfits, actions, and statements. At the same time, everyone loves Leo for his good-natured nature and generosity.


Virgoes have correct facial features and a sweet, disposing appearance. At the same time, Virgo wards have thin lips, dark eyes and weak hair.

The first thing that catches your eye when you see a Virgo is the urge for total cleanliness and order. This is a true pedant, a man dressed with a needle and in accordance with fashion trends. In addition, the wards of Mercury are the ones who never sit idle.


People born under the sign of Libra are characterized by a charming smile, plump lips and neat hair, which is constantly monitored. They are very important to the external impression that they make on the interlocutor.

Communicating Libra good-natured and attractive, love to flirt and any communication can turn into a pleasant affair. Libra never refuse to help, for which they are considered the best friends.


Expressive facial features are what make Scorpios stand out from the crowd. They are tenacious in everything from words to deeds. However, at the same time Scorpio can fall in love with one look, one elusive movement! Complemented by a mysterious image of dark skin and a strong build.

These people are distinguished by secrecy, but at the same time an amazing ability to see through the opponent. Communicating Scorpios joke a lot and often provoke people.


Huge and athletic Sagittarians attract attention with their radiant smile and intelligent eyes. They usually have dark skin and curly hair.

The good nature of Jupiter's wards and their ability to be sociable may be the envy of everyone. And in all words and actions Sagittarians demonstrate the desire for freedom and independence. And also these people can be recognized by an inexhaustible supply of energy. They are cosmopolitans who love to travel.


Lean and tall Capricorns are used to looking respectable. They watch their teeth, often wear glasses to appear even smarter, and are always dressed in stylish classics, usually black.

When talking Capricorn gives an impression of a person who is thoughtful and a bit sad. He speaks little and always about the case, he does not like chit-chat and loves when he is listened to.


Dark hair and smooth skin, high forehead and expressive lips - all in Aquarius gives the person attractive and highly intellectual. But most of all impressed by his extensive knowledge and love of deep conversations.

Attracts the eye and the appearance of Aquarius. He is ahead of time, and rather, dictates fashion, and therefore an outstanding hairstyle, a new cut of clothes, in general, everything that is Aquarius, soon becomes a "trend".


Non-high, stocky representatives of the sign Pisces, often distinguished by light silky hair, which is covered with gray fairly early. They have a pleasant smile, and in a conversation from the first minute is guessed good-natured and the desire to make friends.

Pisces like to stand out from the crowd with their intelligence and outstanding appearance. In addition, after communicating with such a person, you will quickly learn about his natural talents, which once again confirms that this is a true representative of the element of Water.

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