Ideal Husbands by Zodiac Sign


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Ideal Husbands by Zodiac Sign

Every woman, aiming to create a family and continue the family line, wants to choose the best man as a husband. But it is not so easy to find a partner who would be a good family man with all the positive qualities.

Often it turns out that, both outwardly and in terms of character suitable for you man is not suitable for family life. As a result, all of the lovely lady's rosy hopes are crushed by the men's unwillingness to limit their freedom and rejection of family life.

Fortunately, modern astrologers have identified 6 zodiac signs, men in which are most prone to family life.

6. Leo

Leo is famous for his sexual victories, and therefore many do not believe that from such men can turn out faithful husbands. But with their actions, Leo men are ready to shame the most hardened skeptics.

Lions are leaders by nature, which means that the woman they love is like a stone wall behind them. Such a man is proud of the status of "family head" and does everything to worthily carry this title. With his spouse, he is gentle and tactful, will never refuse to help and will demonstrate incredible generosity. After all, this is Leo's favorite woman, which means that everything she has to be the best.

In addition, good-natured Leo is adored by children, which means that this man turns out to be a caring father. The main thing is that the other half did not have a habit of criticizing his man and never doubted him. Devotion and admiration are all Leo needs for a happy marriage.

5. Virgo

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which endows its subjects with responsibility and fine calculation. No wonder that such representatives of the stronger sex choose their spouse very carefully, and they are sure that their choice is forever.

Men of this sign are sensual romantics. They may express their love discreetly, but always bring their feelings to the beloved woman. But more importantly, next to the husband of the sign of Virgo a woman is absolutely calm. She knows for sure that her beloved will always find a way to earn money and provide for the family, he will not plunge "knife in the back" and always explain his actions with reasonable arguments.

Separately, it should be said about the economic nature of the spouse of the sign of Virgo. Such a man will easily take on any household chores. More often than not, it is the man Virgo who prepares food for the whole family, and this is another reason to be proud of such a family man.

4. Aries

If you are not closely acquainted with Aries, it may seem that his fiery and unyielding character is not at all conducive to family relations. But life shows that in marriage, the ward of stern Mars changes dramatically.

In love Aries becomes more calm and reasonable. He is no longer so categorical and does not throw hurtful words. He is calm and confident, not looking at other women, and all his energy goes to taking care of his beloved woman and children. And over care of a representative of this sign will cause admiration and envy even other men!

Of course, individuals who are ruled by Mars will always lack stability and, therefore, such men can have frustrations. But if you know at what moments with Aries it is better not to argue, and besides regularly praise and admire your beloved man, you can maintain the harmony of the relationship for many years.

3. Libra

In terms of harmonious and sensual relationships, men of the sign of Libra have no equal. Sensual Venus endowed these individuals with such charm that no woman can resist. Naturally, the family relationship of the man of the sign and his chosen one reigns gentleness and care, romance and commitment to bring your favorite woman the greatest pleasure.

Perhaps the Libra men are not ideal. They are not those who seek to help your loved one at home and babysit children. But his wife wards of Venus is ready to wear in his arms, to arrange her romantic dates and make unexpected gifts, even after 20 years of marriage!

Also, the husband of the sign of Libra is not one of those who will go "left. He adores intimacy, and focusing on the beloved woman, will do everything to make their sex life play with the brightest colors, and his beloved "flying on the wings of happiness.


Taurus is not among the brightest representatives of the fixed signs for a reason. He is distinguished by constancy and stability, both in matters and in relation to the institution of the family. And the influence of the planet Venus, which rules Taurus, indicates that these men fall in love once and for life!

The stubbornness and incredible stubbornness of Taurus indicates that he chooses the woman he loves and achieves her love against all odds. And what is achieved in the persistent struggle, Taurus will value and never give anyone else.

However, men of this sign are famous not only for loyalty and reliability. Sensual Venus has awarded them with tenderness, touching, strong passion and sensuality towards the beloved woman.

The only thing that can break the harmony in a pair of Taurus and his chosen one is the lack of physical intimacy. Taurus does not tolerate "cold" women, which means that if the other half will give him hot nights of love, he will bathe her in luxury and carry her in his arms.

1. Capricorn

There are some men who are highly responsible in any situation. Capricorn is a bright representative of such men, and therefore, entering into marriage, completely takes care of his beloved wife and children.

It can be said that Capricorn will always be responsible for the financial side of the issue, which means that his loved ones will never be in need of money. In addition, the ward of Saturn does not tolerate tantrums and scandals. Any problem this man is ready to solve in a dialogue, and always listen to his beloved wife and present his vision of the situation. Obviously, this husband never makes hasty decisions.

It is important only to remember that the spouse of the Capricorn sign never lost faith in the family, he needs to feel his superiority, to understand that he is respected, and his opinion is listened to. Agree, not so much for a harmonious family life!

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