Phobia Horoscope. What representatives of the Zodiac signs are afraid of


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Phobia Horoscope. What representatives of the Zodiac signs are afraid of

We are all afraid of something. This is quite normal, considering that fear is the body's response to real or imagined danger. But for some people fear weakens and disables them, while others mobilize and make them stronger.

If you are wondering exactly what fears are susceptible to a particular person, you can find this out by the zodiac sign. It is known that each sign has its own ruling planet, which has a particular influence on its character, and therefore the ability to feel fear. So, what do we fear the most?


Individuals born under the sign of Aries are unlike others, if only because they are distinguished by their incredible courage and lack of fear of overt aggression. If their life or the lives of their loved ones are threatened by something, Aries will not lose their composure and will immediately fight back.

Such personalities are not afraid of heights and darkness. Common human fears are not about them. Although, the wards of formidable Mars are afraid of confined spaces and feel uncomfortable in elevators or mines. Also, let Aries often say the phrase: "I am a lone wolf!", but in fact he is afraid to be alone, afraid of feeling their uselessness. And this is, perhaps, his most important fear.


Taurus is a well-known realist, and therefore he cannot be frightened by mysticism or heights. If this person is confident in the reliability of the ropes, he will surely jump with a parachute or tickle his nerves jumping from a bridge.

Another thing is that Taurus men are too worried about their financial situation. Their main fear is connected to the fear of going bankrupt and losing ground under their feet in the figurative sense. Also, Taurus are too attached to a particular place and people who surround them. The very idea that at some point everything will change and they will have to drastically change their lives scares them.


Mercury gave Gemini a special ability to hide their emotions, but because of this person's appearance you will not know that he is afraid of something. Therefore, it may seem that the Gemini is absolutely fearless. But they are not.

In fact, the personality of this sign known perfectionists, and therefore they simply have a morbid fear of losing or failing. Gemini's high self-esteem forces them to be first in everything, and they are very worried that someone will beat them in a game, in a competition or in career aspirations. Also, many Gemini are afraid to make final decisions.


Cancers are among the Zodiac signs that have the most fears and phobias. The moon endowed these people with a very delicate mental organization, and therefore under the sign of Cancer are born very impressionable individuals who may be afraid, and heights, and darkness and deep bodies of water.

Mistrustful Cancer people are very afraid of diseases and doctors. In addition, they by nature do not have the highest self-esteem, and therefore the "children of the moon" painfully accept criticism in their address and are afraid that others will mock them. All this can be seen by how touchy Cancer becomes when it is criticized.


Leo only at first glance seems fearless and incredibly brave. Their heightened ambition is also the main fear: the fear of failure. In addition, almost every member of this sign is afraid that others will attack his or her dignity.

Leo considers himself the "center of the universe". Such egocentrism seriously helps him in life, but at the same time this person secretly fears that he will cease to be noticed, and will be pushed aside, choosing another object of attention. By the way, Leo never admits it, but they are afraid of heights and avoid situations that could reveal their secret.


Incredible pragmatism and the desire to control everything are valuable qualities of Virgo. But sometimes they can be of disservice. For example, Mercury wards constantly experience fear that they will not be able to meet the expectations of those around them and will let them down. This attitude to life often provokes the development of chronic stress in Virgo.

There is another aspect that is not at all conducive to getting rid of internal tension. The person of this sign is afraid to relax, afraid to lose control and do things that they would later be ashamed of.


Astrologers often call Libra a paired sign, and all because this person does not imagine his life without a partner, no matter if it is a loved one or a soul mate. Loneliness is a real bad dream for such people.

Everyone knows such a quality of Libra as peacefulness. Someone will call it diplomacy, but there is a strong belief that it is a banal fear of conflict. Finally, given the special sensitivity, which was awarded to the personalities of the sign of Libra by the ruling planet Venus, these people have a fear of death, even when they are all right.


Scorpios, like Aries, are alien to common human fears, like fear of heights or the dark. But these personalities can be called true sociophobes. The fact that Scorpios don't trust the people around them and are very afraid of being cheated.

In addition, Scorpios are maximalists, which is why they have a fear of failure when striving for the next goal. And virtually every Mars underling is worried in his soul about hurting his self-esteem. We can say that the formidable Scorpio is terrified of ridicule! But the main fear of this person is that other people can find out his innermost secrets.


The planet Jupiter gives Sagittarians a great deal of freedom. And in this respect, these individuals do not tolerate unfreedom, in particular the confined spaces and narrow corridors. We can say that the majority of Sagittarians is claustrophobic.

Everyone knows the windy nature of Sagittarius, his unwillingness to obey the laws and rules. And in this you can see another fear of these people, namely, the fear of responsibility. By the way, starting a relationship with the opposite sex, the wards of Jupiter are very afraid to fall under the influence of the loved one.


Capricorns are measured and extremely cautious personalities, and all because they are afraid to make a wrong move and get into an unpleasant situation. Astrologers say that it is not even the fear of making a mistake, but the fear of showing their imperfections to others, and thus putting themselves on the same level as those around them.

Individuals ruled by Saturn are characterized by loneliness, and all because Capricorns are in no hurry to let other people into their lives. Just these people are afraid to show their weakness, afraid to show their own imperfection. Fortunately, by getting closer to people, many of these fears dissolve.


The ruling planet Uranus gives Aquarius an unconventional way of thinking, and that is why many people of this sign consider themselves geniuses. And in this regard, their main fear is to remain unrecognized by society, such dreamy cranks with unrealizable plans.

Aquarius has a rather expressed sense of self-importance, and therefore it is not surprising that these people are afraid to lose their individuality and to become similar to others. And given the Aquarius desire for freedom, such a person is truly afraid of marriage bonds, considering them as fetters. Finally, Aquarius is also characterized by more mundane fears, such as fear of work.


Sensitive Pisces have a tremendous amount of creativity, given to them by the planet Neptune. But the problem is that Pisces is scared to the stomach of public speaking, and therefore they do not have many chances to demonstrate their abilities to the world.

It should be said that Pisces, for the most part, is an insecure person, and therefore one of their fears is the fear of not finding a soul mate. Fortunately, usually this fear quickly fades in adulthood. Also, owners of too vulnerable psyche, Pisces are afraid to make a mistake and be punished for it.

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