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Calculating Your Destination by Date of Birth


Useful advice for every astrological sign

No matter how wise, insightful, and prudent we may think we are, each of us could use some good advice. Sometimes such advice protects us from serious problems, and sometimes it encourages us to develop and fills us with enthusiasm.

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The 5 Most Vengeful Zodiac Signs

Vindictiveness is not the best quality in a person. Nevertheless, some people have this character trait. They do not know how to forgive insults, and if they receive a blow from another person, they will not rest until they take revenge and restore their reputation.

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Women's Magic by Zodiac Sign: What charms do you possess?

According to esotericists, everyone has psychic abilities. Especially often these qualities are manifested in the fair sex.

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Occupation Horoscope for each sign of the Zodiac

Choosing a profession is one of the most important decisions in life. But in order to feel satisfied with what you do, it's important to find what works for you.

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Phobia Horoscope. What representatives of the Zodiac signs are afraid of

We are all afraid of something. This is quite normal, considering that fear is the body's response to real or imagined danger. But for some people fear weakens and disables them, while for others it mobilizes and makes them stronger.

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Moon yesterday

2 december 2023: 20-th lunar day; 🌖 Declining 3rd Quarter from 27 november 2023 12:16;Symbol of the day: Eagle; Moon in sign: lion

Moon tomorrow

4 december 2023: 21-th lunar day; 🌖 Declining 3rd Quarter from 27 november 2023 12:16;Symbol of the day: Horse; Moon in sign: lion