Relationship of the Zodiac signs to family and kinship

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Relationship of the Zodiac signs to family and kinship

Family is one of the most important values for most of us. However, all people are different, and, therefore, some people value their loved ones, caring about them in every way, others barely maintain relations, rarely talking on the phone, and others prefer to hear about their relatives as rarely as possible.

To find out how a person relates to his family, it is enough to look at his zodiacal sign. Do you want to check yourself?


Aries is the kind of person who leaves the "family nest" early, believing themselves to be independent and much smarter than their parents. But, to honor this man, it must be said that he always takes care of his family, everyone will give advice, and even help financially.

In addition, one peculiarity is noticed. The mentee of Mars will boast of the achievements of his parents, setting them as an example for others. Bragging is in his blood.


The Venus ward is one of the most caring children for his parents. Familiality is in his blood, and therefore Taurus will take care of his loved ones no matter how much he has to do.

In addition, relatives have never heard a word of reprimand from the Taurus. Even if they behave improperly, the well-mannered and patient Taurus will not allow himself to berate his parents.


The personalities of this sign are not particularly attached to their relatives. They usually call and visit their parents only when they themselves need something.

It is also noticed that many of the twins can be on the parents' support, even when they are quite mature and independent. If the twins are happy with this situation, and no one kicks them out, they will be under the parental "care" until the last.


The most family-oriented of all the Zodiac signs will do everything in his life to make sure that his family is whole and unbreakable. Cancer is the person for whom the family is the main value in life. And that is why for the sake of the happiness of parents, the well-being of a brother or sister, the ward of the Moon is ready to sacrifice his own well-being.

Cancer is the kind of person who is ready to take care of the "family nest" and accept his relatives with visits, even during the day, even at night.


Leo is selfish in a certain sense, but an egoist with a positive connotation. A selfish person, throughout his life, he tries to make sure that his family is the best - the most cohesive, the most secure, the friendliest. And even if unpleasant things happen within the family, Leo will not allow this information to become public.

But what is even more interesting, even in his family Leo will try to stand out for his achievements, his income. This person wants relatives to admire and be proud of them.


Virgo's organizational abilities find their ideal application when it comes to family. Virgo is the chief organizer and conductor. She knows literally everything about all members of the family, and skillfully guides her loved ones on the right path of development.

Also, sensitively controls her kin, taking care of literally everyone. Let sometimes under Mercury can be rude and harsh, but all they do for their loved ones - do it from the heart, not sparing for their family time, money and effort.


Libra is a paired sign. Young wards of Venus are attached to their parents, and consider themselves an inseparable part of the family. But as they grow older and find their soulmate, they switch to a loved one and make their new family a priority.

At the same time, non-conflict Libra is always an "arbitrator" in disputes and disagreements that arise in the family circle. These are the people who will sort out any dispute and find a satisfying solution for each family member.


Scorpios are quite jealous of their family, protecting it from attacks from the outside and becoming a real shield in the way of threats. At the same time, within the family, Scorpios can compete with their siblings for the love of their parents. The jealousy that lives in this person makes itself known in all its glory.

Throughout life, Mars wards struggle with these feelings of their own, because if you do not defeat them, you may never be reconciled with your family.


Sagittarians tend to surround themselves with as many relatives as possible. These are the people who will be friends even with third cousins, with each of them keeping in touch throughout life.

Such familialism has obvious pluses as well. Given Sagittarians' love of travel, they will have a distant relative in every country. At the same time, the closest people observe the restless Sagittarius not so often.


Capricorn is a responsible person, and therefore he is responsible for his family, regardless of age. Thus, the mature Capricorn ward of Saturn can look after elderly parents, or the sedate Capricorn can feed and support an adult son until the age of 40.

Capricorn is the quintessential caregiver, and so this person always knows what his loved ones need and how to achieve it. On the other hand, this is the kind of relative who will know your every move!


Family traditions are something that the representative of the Aquarius sign has never heard of. For this person, there is no family as such. There are people who are close to Aquarius in spirit, and those with whom this person has nothing in common.

Friendship is what Aquarius values above family relationships. Therefore, if a brother or sister becomes an Aquarius true friend, you can be sure that this connection will never break.


Representatives of this sign cannot be called family personalities. They do not divide people into blood relatives and distant relatives, paying more attention to human qualities, as well as to the actions of these people.

In any case, Pisces surround themselves only with those relatives with whom they are truly comfortable. If this is not the case, the ward of Neptune will not communicate even with his own brother.

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