Tendency to alcoholism by Zodiac signs

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Tendency to alcoholism by Zodiac signs

You can have different attitudes toward alcohol. Some people allow themselves only a little bit of alcohol and only on holidays. Some people can't imagine their weekends without a bottle, and some people start every new day with a bottle...

Given that the love of alcoholic beverages is not the most useful habit, people are in no hurry to admit their addiction to alcohol. Fortunately, the sign of the zodiac can tell a lot about a person, including this!


This person is a gambler in everything and if he is really into alcohol, he can go to extremes. In addition, when the instinct of self-preservation of others is triggered and the person understands that only addiction is next, the ward of Mars boldly goes further, testing himself for strength.

For this reason, Aries needs such a soulmate, who will control the amount of alcohol his partner drinks and timely tell him: "Stop! Enough!"


Delicate Taurus tries to control themselves in any situation, and very much do not like the state of intoxication, when there is a danger of losing control.

In addition, the wards of Venus jealously watch their image, and that is why it is enough to at least one person to see that Taurus has drunk since morning and say about it, as the representative of the element of the Earth will pull himself up and forget about drinking forever.


Representatives of the sign Gemini are true gourmands who respect the elite alcohol, love to savor it, and boast in the company of friends of their knowledge of alcohol.

They rarely get addicted, often using alcohol only to have fun in good company and to be "on the same page" with friends. Twins can only get drunk if their life becomes completely boring and monotonous.


Cancers are companions and hospitable hosts, and therefore their house is always full of friends, frequent feasts and drinking to all tastes. "Children of the Moon" Very quickly "get hooked" on alcoholic beverages, and get very used to them, which can become a serious problem.

From a young age, the Cancer must be constantly prodded, accustomed to controlling the amount of alcohol drunk. If he gets a second half, which also has a craving for booze, the couple may be banal to drink.


Leo loves company and good feasts, which, of course, do not do without alcohol. Self-respecting Leo is well versed in alcohol and tries to choose the elite booze.

But the Leo with alcohol should be careful. The fact that intoxication can turn the Leo as a cute "kitty cat" and furious "king of beasts. And the uncontrolled Leo can "mess up.


Representatives of the element of the earth are suspicious of drinking, and, as the feeling goes, even afraid of it. For Virgo, the most important thing in life is control, and alcohol deprives the representatives of this sign of their main advantage.

Therefore among the wards of Mercury there are often absolute teetotalers, as well as individuals who are fiercely fighting for the prohibition of alcohol. At the same time, among the "quiet drinkers" who like to drink alone, Virgo is quite numerous.


Libras love good company, and will never refuse to "drink five drops. However, Libras do not like to get drunk. These personalities have excellent self-control, and therefore feeling the first wave of intoxication, wards of Venus immediately turn over a shot glass.

In addition, the body of Libra poorly tolerates intoxication. In the morning, these individuals often have pain and dizziness, they feel sleepy and broken. Therefore, after a good feast agree to repeat it not soon.


Cunning Scorpions seduce everyone to drink and have fun, but in fact they only water it up for everyone and don't actually drink. The wards of Mars know exactly that what is on the sober person's mind is on the drunkard's tongue, and that is why they prefer to find out the necessary information at alcoholic parties.

In addition, Scorpios have a strongly developed sexual appetite, that is why alcohol becomes their assistant when there is a necessity to relax and seduce the representative of the opposite sex.


Sagittarius is a well-known joker who will never refuse hearty company and drinking. Moreover, these personalities themselves will seduce anyone they want to "crush the bottle", but so that later Sagittarius and his friends are drawn to adventures.

The good news is that Jupiter's wards are hardy, so they can drink quite a lot and still control themselves. Moreover, in some elusive way, Sagittarians can drink all their lives without getting drunk.


These representatives of the element of the Earth know exactly that alcohol addiction hinders their development and takes them away from their plans. That's why Capricorns are one of the main opponents of drinking. These people can live their entire lives without ever having tasted alcohol.

By the way, most organizations fighting for sobriety are headed precisely by representatives of this sign of the Zodiac.


Aquarians are true admirers of booze, to which they get used from a young age. Individuals of this sign love to philosophize in the company of their best friends, and the faithful companion of such get-togethers is invariably alcohol.

Aquarius may suffer from alcohol dependence, but only if they do not have a strong hobby, which they will devote all their free time.


The love of alcohol is also observed in representatives of the Pisces sign. These shy individuals often use a glass of wine to become bolder and meet a representative of the opposite sex.

But with alcohol Pisces should be careful. These personalities have no sense of boundaries, and therefore they can easily lose control over themselves. Moreover, without a reliable person by their side, Neptune's wards could become seriously addicted to the "green herb".

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