The 5 most unapproachable men by Zodiac sign

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The 5 most unapproachable men by Zodiac sign

There is a perception that the male sex is easy to seduce. It's enough for one look, moving sensual lips or wiggling his hips that the man lost his head and completely forgot about the one to whom he had recently sworn his love and fidelity.

But not everything is simple! There are men for whom fidelity to the word is not an empty phrase. These men are not going to lure a short skirt or flattering words. To them it is very difficult to approach. And under what zodiacal signs such men are born, tell esotericists.

5. Virgo

Men of the Virgo sign are true idealists. Personal life is not in first place for them at all, it is more important for them to achieve career growth, earn status and have a stable income. Therefore, the wards of Mercury on the way to success rarely think about family life and seriously consider women.

But, even after deciding to start a family, meticulous Virgo men will take a long time to try applicants for a place by their side. These men can sense falsehood and deception, see any flaws and imperfections of the girls around them. And if they noticed what they did not like, any attempt to approach a young lady with a man of this type will be doomed to failure.

4. Aquarius

The Aquarius man is one of the most sociable representatives of the zodiacal galaxy. And this creates a deceptive impression of his availability. However, in fact, Aquarius is perfectly in control of the situation.

Wards of Uranus is difficult to lead mad with intimate hints and promises of eternal love. He is an intellectual, which, if and can be carried away, then only for his extraordinary thinking, a desire for freedom and philosophical mind.

By the way, Aquarius are the kind of men who always make their own choices about the lady of the heart. Influence their choice, let alone manipulate such a man, rarely can anyone.

3. Leo

Leo adores attention and especially the attention of beautiful women. But this does not mean that it is easy to seduce him. A man of this sign can reciprocate the attention, you can attract it to themselves, but his soul to the majority of the opposite sex is still a dark place.

The fact that Leo sure that next to him must be only the best woman, and in every way. And this is a tough selection can not pass each. Therefore, there may be nothing behind the polite reply of the man of this sign, even though the woman will think that he is already in their hands.

Usually the Leo just takes what he wants, and then disappears from the life of a beautiful stranger. And the one whom he is ready to obey, will not even have to seek his reciprocity!

2. Taurus

Stable fixed Taurus is too trusting and cultured, and therefore many young ladies seem easy prey. It is really easy to get acquainted with him, he is obsessed with beauty and feminine charm, but when it comes to a serious relationship, the ward of Venus becomes incredibly cautious.

The thought that from now on he will have to be responsible not only for himself, but also for the other half, greatly alarms the Taurus man. Therefore, he will give the applicant for his heart a dozen checks, and only after making sure that he is really loved, and not trying to take advantage of, will he relax and say the cherished "yes!"

1. Capricorn

Capricorn is said to be the coldest and the most unapproachable of all men. At first glance Capricorn seems dry, detached, even emotionless. But those who know this man intimately say that such behavior is a defensive reaction of personalities ruled by Saturn.

Untrustworthiness is the second "self" of Capricorns. The heart of such a representative of the strong sex is hidden behind a real ice block, which can be melted by a rare woman. To do this, it is necessary not only to sincerely love your Capricorn, but also to prove the loyalty and purity of their thoughts.

However, if a Capricorn really falls in love, the barriers will fall, and the beloved woman will feel all the passion and tenderness of this, in appearance, aloof and cold, man!

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