The Best Wives by Zodiac Sign


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The Best Wives by Zodiac Sign

Each of us one day comes to the desire to meet the person we love, create a family, and fill the house with children's laughter. But, alas, family life is not for everyone, so today no one is surprised that people in love, who have recently decided to create a family, file for divorce.

To prevent this from happening, you need to initially choose a suitable partner for marriage. But how to do it? After analyzing the characters and life values of different Zodiac signs, astrologers have identified six women who can be the best wives.

6. Aries

According to most men, marriage to an Aries woman is like living on a volcano, just wait to burst! And indeed, the fiery nature that the stern Mars endows its wards, sometimes makes itself felt with loud family quarrels.

But this does not mean that the Aries woman is a bad wife. Quite the contrary! It has been long noted that Aries are great motivators. Such a wife will not blindly demand the impossible from the beloved man. By her example, support and faith in the spouse, she helps the partner to become better, to reach a new level of development and correspond to the high title of "man".

Of course, the spouse of the sign of Aries - the choice for real men, brave and courageous. But the true pleasure of such a man reaches when he realizes what a strong, loving and caring person has conquered him!

5. Gemini

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which endows its wards with extraordinary insight, because of which many men are even afraid of these ladies. However, discernment allows not only to unravel men's secrets, but also to subtly feel the loved one, to support him and give appropriate advice when necessary.

In general, the Gemini wife is a real godsend for a man. It never gets boring with her, she will always find something to surprise and delight her spouse. Unlike most other wives, she is a true friend to her husband. She understands his true desires, and does everything not to limit the freedom of his partner.

And let someone say that Gemini women are imperfect hostesses, feeling the unity of the beloved man, a couple will do everything together, including running the household.

4. Virgo

In the classic sense, it is difficult to find a better wife than a representative of the sign of Virgo. Judge for yourself: Virgo is known to be neat, which means that such a wife will have a perfect order at home. She tries to be perfect in everything, and therefore even in cooking achieves incredible heights.

But most eloquently about the qualities of Virgo as a wife, says her attitude to the man she loves. Planet-rule Chiron gives Virgo worldly wisdom, so that such a spouse will always understand her man, supports him, even in situations where he is wrong. She is the reliable rear, which will fight for the beloved husband to the end.

Add to this the fact that Virgo is not those pampered creatures who will wait until her husband earns money and can provide for the family. She will get a job on her own and will help her beloved husband in every way possible and provide for their family comfort.

3. Scorpio

There is an opinion that marriage to a woman of the sign of Scorpio is a "voluntary departure into slavery". Indeed, many men are afraid of the explosive nature of this, no doubt, strong-minded lady. And they also fear that the Scorpio woman will dominate the relationship, undermining the man.

In fact, this is not the case. Certainly, formidable Mars endows Scorpios with incredible inner strength, which is not so easy to cope with. But the second ruling planet Pluto, gives these women specificity of thought, stability and steadfastness.

In general, if before marriage a girl of the sign of Scorpio had a reputation as a lovable person capable of seducing any man you like, then becoming a wife, she changes her outlook. She becomes faithful, learns to make concessions and stands up for her family to the last. You could say that with such a wife, her husband is like a stone wall!

2. Leo

Some men consider representatives of the sign of Leo arrogant, focused on themselves and completely unsuitable for family life. But so say only those who are not familiar with the family Lionesses.

In relationships, such a woman is a bastion of tenderness and sensuality for her husband, and the guarantor of maternal care for the children. The owner of a strong character, such a woman is full of dedication when it comes to the family. Moreover, having a high self-respect, a Leo woman will never stoop to betray or betray the man she loves.

Sincerity and loyalty are the hallmark of the Leo sign. Perhaps that is why a marriage with a woman born under this sign is incredibly strong and rarely ends in divorce.

1. Libra

Among the variety of women who can become excellent wives, the pedestal of honor should be given to the representative of the sign of Libra. Such a woman is a godsend for any man, because she embodies the best qualities of a wife - loyalty, pliability and developed maternal instinct.

The planet Venus endowed the Libra with extraordinary sensitivity and the ability to smooth over sharp angles. Apparently, therefore in a relationship with a woman of this type is actually not a quarrel. In addition, this young lady has developed intuition and wisdom, and therefore she is able to guess the desires of her man and knows exactly what you need to preserve and strengthen their "family nest".

But the most important quality that distinguishes the wife of the sign of Libra is boundless devotion to the loved one. Libra - a pair sign, and if such a woman has given the oath of allegiance, she will follow her man even to the end of the world!

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