The main cheaters and swindlers by Zodiac sign


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The main cheaters and swindlers by Zodiac sign

Everyone chooses the path he or she follows in this life. Some people care about peace of mind and a good name, they are willing to work day and night to provide for their families and achieve success. And there are those who achieve everything in life through cunning and lies, deceit and fraud.

These people are very difficult to identify, but knowing the influence of the planets on a particular sign of the Zodiac, you can keep in focus those who are inclined to play dishonestly. We present to you 5 Zodiac signs prone to scams and fraud.

5. Pisces

Individuals ruled by the planet Neptune would love to honor the law if they could make a living with their labor and defeat their competitors in private struggles.

But natural laziness and lack of willpower often leave Pisces out of this life, which forces them to play by no rules. To the credit of the personalities of this sign, it should be said that Pisces do not change the little things. They are not the kind of person who would cheat on old ladies in order to swindle a pension.

Pisces plays the big game, going for the official forgery or deception, which will bring them a large sum or a high position. And what helps them in this is their natural charm and ability to gain credibility.

4. Gemini

Mercury's wards are duplicitous and it is very noticeable to those who are in close contact with the representatives of this sign. Gemini will never disregard what is "lying around," because this person will never be afraid to steal someone else's property or trick them into taking what is not theirs.

By the way, to extort money from a person, giving in return only a mountain of unrealistic promises, is just in the spirit of Gemini. Representatives of this sign have such a gift of persuasion that no one can resist their deceptive words.

As a characteristic, even a close relative can become a victim of Mercury's ward scam. When it comes to big money, the Twins forget about the principles.

3. Sagittarius

Natural laziness, selfishness, and the desire to live large-scale describe the personality of the sign of Sagittarius to the fullest extent. This person will go to any lengths, only to ensure a comfortable life full of pleasures without hard and meticulous work.

Sagittarius easily cheat on the other half, and, even with the wife of his best friend. A lack of principle is a character trait of the Jupiter's ward. In addition, Sagittarius will easily commit fraud for the sake of short-term gain.

And it's not even about the lust for gain! It gives Sagittarius a real pleasure to fool people around, proving his mental superiority.

2. Virgo

Virgo representatives have a special flair for guessing people prone to submission. And given that Mercury's subjects themselves are pronounced manipulators, such an encounter usually ends in an insidious forgery or deception.

In fact, the personalities of this sign are often cunning strategists. They develop a meticulous plan to rob or besmirch the honest name of another person, and then launch the process, which they control from the outside, acting as a "puppeteer".

What is characteristic, even if Virgo's insidious plan does not come to fruition, these cunning individuals will stay away and will not be held accountable.

1. Capricorn

Many people think Capricorn is correct and always follows the letter of the law. However, in reality, the perfidy of Saturn's wards knows no bounds.

Capricorn shows real cynicism when it comes to money and power. He is ready to commit any kind of forgery, to set up and to lie to an innocent man if this will give him the opportunity to occupy the desired position.

And, of course, Capricorn is the main ideological leader and inspirer of the most large-scale scams. He always plays the big game, and if he is going to commit a robbery, he wants a big score that will secure him for life.

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