The top 5 Gossip Girls by Zodiac Sign

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The top 5 Gossip Girls by Zodiac Sign

Hardly one person in the world has escaped gossip. All of us voluntarily or involuntarily tell friends sad and funny stories that happened to our relatives or acquaintances, discuss their personal lives, careers, and clothes.

But some people go so far in their desire to gossip that they easily spread unverified information, or even lie to embellish the story. Gossipers are not loved, they are feared and try to stay away from them, so as not to accidentally become an object of their gossip.

Let's find out which of the representatives of the Zodiac signs is a real gossip?

5. Sagittarius

Sagittarians love to be in the center of attention and therefore often resort to rumors and gossip in order to focus the attention of the audience on themselves. Possessing a great imagination, underlings of Jupiter do not need to invent an interesting, intriguing and totally unbelievable story about any of their friends, which will immediately attract the attention of others.

However, to the credit of Sagittarians, let us say that these individuals use gossip to implement their devious plans. They do not need to deceive others and put their friends in an ugly light in order to get rich or to bypass the competition in the business. Sagittarians do this solely for the sake of attracting attention.

4. Cancer

Cancers, and even more so Cancerians, love to gossip and discuss those around them. If you observe the personalities of this sign, you can notice that they discuss literally every one of their friends and acquaintances when they are not around.

People around are well aware of this bad habit of Cancer, but do not take offense at all, because the "children of the Moon" are not bitter and do not hold a "stone behind their backs". Cancer is a marked gossip with low self-esteem, and therefore spreads rumors and gossip just to slightly elevate themselves and appear in the best light.

3. Pisces

Neptune's subjects are gossipers! With a great imagination, these individuals are constantly generating tales and tall tales. It is worth admitting that it is interesting to listen to Pisces, and outwardly they always cause trust, which also plays into the hands of these individuals.

Why do Pisces people need rumors and gossip, you may ask? In fact, this is their way to attract the attention of the opposite sex or to enlist the support of more powerful and influential comrades. Pisces lies in such a way that everyone around them wants their gossip to be true, and therefore even the person who is discussed by representatives of the element of Water is rarely offended by Pisces.

2. Virgo

Virgo sign personalities are gossipers of a different order. They are rarely "caught by the tongue", and all because Virgo is extremely cautious and prudent.

But the best part is that Virgo never says mean things just because they are bored. In every word and action they have a hidden meaning. Therefore, if the wards of Mercury are involved in mischief, they have an insidious plan in their mind to eliminate a competitor or vilify their worst enemy.

The most surprising thing is that Virgo wittily veils their gossip, presenting it as a recently heard thought or leaked "sensational" information by someone else.


Mercury's subjects love to discuss those around them, simply savoring the details of their personal lives, successes and failures. Gemini are inquisitive and incredibly contactable, and therefore they are constantly brought here or other, true and not entirely verified, information.

We can say that Gemini is a real treasure trove of valuable information that can be used, both for good and for bad to others. Usually Gemini is limited to discussing the affairs of their colleagues and coworkers, their clothes and wealth, just to cheer themselves up. But beware whoever gets in the way of Mercury's charges! Angry Gemini, deftly manipulating blatant rumors, can wipe out the offender's reputation to powder!

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