What typical mistakes the Zodiac signs make

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What typical mistakes the Zodiac signs make

No one is safe from mistakes, right? And there is nothing terrible in making mistakes, because any, even negative experience makes us wiser.

It's a shame that sometimes, having made a mistake, after a while we make it again, so to speak, "make the same mistakes". And this is already a warning bell, which can seriously harm life. Let's find out what are the typical mistakes that representatives of the zodiacal galaxy make over and over again.


"Achilles' heel" of all Aries - irascibility and intemperance. It is this character trait that most often puts an end to the Mars ward's relationship with the people around him.

In addition, Aries puts his own opinion above others, disregarding the advice of those who wish the representatives of the element of fire only good. And when Aries makes this fatal mistake over and over again, it moves itself away from success and deprives harmony.


Astrologers call Taurus the "major losers" of the zodiacal circle. And there is a grain of truth in it, because the representatives of the element of the Earth are hardened conservatives. Time after time, these people reject promising proposals, do not want to change for the sake of perspective and development.

The problem of Taurus is also that they are afraid to take risks, even though they know that they have the potential to move mountains. Their timidity in the face of trials is the main mistake!


The main mistake of Gemini is that they do not value relationships, do not appreciate the help of people who genuinely care about the future of the representatives of this sign. Under Mercury, they can easily cheat, turn away from a person for the sake of short-term gain, and thus put an end to the relationship.

A huge mistake is also the closed nature of Gemini. At moments when you need to open your soul and give free rein to your emotions in order to get closer to the one who is so dear, Gemini remains outwardly cold than confuse the partner.


The pessimism of the personalities of the sign of Cancer is known to many. But here lies a mistake that prevents the wards of the Moon to fully enjoy life. The fact is that Cancers do not know how to enjoy the little things, do not know how to accept with gratitude what every day pleases them with the Universe.

There is another bad trait in these people. The fact is that Cancers often give up where it is necessary to be patient and believe in good luck. This fatal mistake can cost representatives of the element of Water too much.


Leo's hurt themselves when they are dismissive of those around them and show their arrogance. People love Leo and are drawn to these individuals, but by making this mistake time and time again, wards of the Sun simply push away people close to them, receiving their share of contempt in return.

In addition, Lions make the mistake of reacting painfully to healthy criticism and begin to consider the criticized person as their enemy.


Representatives of this sign are greatly mistaken when they turn a small problem into a real tragedy. It is noticed that wards of Mercury could avoid a lot of problems if they would not react so painfully to even the smallest prick.

This is probably the reason why many Virgoes have problems in personal relationships. And if they don't correct their own mistake, they risk being alone for the rest of their lives.


The desire of Libra to find a common language with every person is certainly a useful quality. However, there is a huge problem here. Trying to be good to everyone, Libras let themselves be taken advantage of by personalities who take advantage of their kindness and often harm them.

In addition, the wards of Venus are people who between perspective development and comfort choose the second, than deprive themselves of their dreams. About this mistake in old age they very much regret.


The mistake many Scorpios make is in their straightforwardness. These people do not like cunning and disingenuousness, always used to say what they think and go ahead. Outwardly it looks great, but creates a lot of problems for the Scorpios themselves.

Constantly making this mistake, wards of the harsh Mars surround themselves with problems, which could easily be avoided if they were more flexible and cunning.


Sagittarians are trying to get as much out of this life as they can. But in this hurry they often miss the most important moments, pass by their happiness and real prospects. And this mistake the representatives of the element of fire commit from time to time.

Sagittarians also make mistakes when they take the words of others at face value. Their excessive trustworthiness is another dangerous mistake that can be harmful to these people.


Many people consider Capricorns to be people who are never wrong. These individuals truly live as if they are true grandmasters who lead their chess game to success.

However, world chess champions also make mistakes. Capricorns make the mistake of emphasizing career and development while forgetting about family and relationships. Such an imbalance often leads Capricorns away from happiness.


These truly whole individuals are often ruined by a mistake called "categoricalness." For Aquarius, there are only two opinions - their own and the wrong one. And with this value judgment wards Uranus repel people from themselves, and in the end risk of being alone.

Also, Aquarians make mistakes when they refuse to take responsibility for their actions.


The problem with Pisces is that these people do not know how to admit their own mistakes. In situations when it would be worth it to admit guilt, repent and listen to the opinions of others, wards of Neptune begin to blame everyone around and try to whitewash themselves.

Such a mistake is immediately visible to others and often alienates the representative of the element of Water from the people around him. And after that Pisces suffers for a long time and complains about loneliness.

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