Traveler's Horoscope. Where each sign of the zodiac should visit


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Traveler's Horoscope. Where each sign of the zodiac should visit

Have you ever wondered why some people are drawn to the sea, sun, and warmth, while others are drawn to the mountains? Why some people are attracted to the Amazon jungle, while others dream of walking around Rome and diving into the history of the Roman Empire?

Just we are all different, with different characters, temperaments and attitudes towards life. Therefore, our interests may differ significantly. But knowing the identity of a certain person to the zodiac sign, astrologers can suggest where to visit each of the representatives of the zodiac galaxy.


Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which endows its subjects not only with fearlessness and hyperactivity, but also with enormous sexual attraction. In this regard, it is necessary for Aries to visit countries with a high concentration of temperamental men and sensual women, namely Italy and Spain.

In addition, by their nature Aries prefer active recreation, allowing to plunge into the sea of new experiences, and therefore any country that can give an excursion into the history and discover something new for these personalities will be a dream of an Aries traveler.


Taurus is by nature a homebody, and if they choose to travel, they want their adventure to be as comfortable as possible. In this case, the craving for peace and contemplation of the beautiful, most likely, will prompt the wards of Venus to travel to the Alps or the Caucasus, where away from the hustle and bustle one can admire the beauties of the mountains. They will also like it on the ocean coast of India, but only away from the popular resorts.

Take into account that Taurus, the real gourmands, and therefore will never turn away from a trip to South Asia, such as China or Vietnam, to appreciate the spicy cuisine of these countries.


It's no secret that Gemini's ruling planet, Mercury, endows its subjects with sociability and a desire for originality. In this regard, traveling Gemini will prefer to visit countries that are not spoiled by the mass traveler. Gemini can be found in Africa, in Australia, and even when traveling in their native country, for example, in the Altai or Kamchatka.

If we talk about the countries where Gemini would dream to live, most likely these individuals will choose Canada, the Arab Emirates or Norway - the countries where you can not work and live forever on welfare.


Cancer belongs to the element of Water, and therefore all their dreams of travel are subconsciously related to the water element. Such people will love a trip on a cruise ship to the Mediterranean or fishing in the fjords of Norway.

Cancer with pleasure will soak on the coast of Cyprus or the Maldives. In general, a "lazy" vacation with comfort is ideal for the "children of the moon". But still, lovers of sensual impressions, Cancerians will definitely want to make a trip to the "capital of all lovers" Paris, as well as to the romantic Venice or the city of Romeo and Juliet - Verona. Italy and France will forever inhabit the heart of sensual Cancerians.


The influence of the Sun helps the Leo sign to have a big ego, which allows these people to consider themselves as the "center of the Earth. It is not surprising that this sign will always try to do what is best. And if Leo goes on a trip, it is directed to the capital or the most beautiful and colorful city of the country.

In the case of Europe, the Leo will be attracted to the "Eternal City" of Rome, the bustling Barcelona and prim London. But deep down, every Leo dreams of visiting the United States of America, namely New York, the "capital of the world," in order to feel the power of this great city while walking along the avenues.


At heart, the Virgo sign personalities are true aesthetes, who get a real pleasure from contemplating historical and cultural treasures, visiting exhibitions and concerts. Obviously, it is possible to impress Mercury's charges with museum cities like Milan, Paris or American Los Angeles.

That said, Virgo would love to delve into Eastern culture with a trip to Turkey or India. Knowing the practical mind of Virgo, there is no doubt that going on a trip, this person is sure to bring home an interesting idea for development and business. Having the benefit of every trip is a distinctive characteristic of Virgo.


Libras are fans of quiet, secluded vacations, but definitely by the hand of the person they love. As true ladies and gentlemen, these individuals are happy to wander the cobblestone streets of Denmark and Great Britain, will visit the kingdom of Monaco or sunny Greece.

At the same time, Libras have quite strongly developed patriotic feelings, and therefore the wards of Venus will experience pleasure while traveling in their homeland, going, for example, on a trip to the Golden Ring of Russia or visiting Lake Baikal. It is only important that the journey be comfortable and bring peace of mind.


Breathing sexy Scorpios, if they do go on a trip, they choose countries where they can feel the real energy of life. They are beckoned by the carnivals of Rio de Janeiro and the lights of Las Vegas, in general, countries that bribe with their sexual energy, risk and excitement.

At the same time Scorpio is working hard, and that's why they often choose luxurious seaside resorts as the country of their travels, for example, the coast of the Dominican Republic or the Seychelles, where there is an opportunity to get away from the noise of big cities.


"The eternal wanderer," Sagittarius, perhaps more than any other sign of the Zodiac, loves travel and travel. He is captivated by the very change of cities and countries, cultures and religions. Sagittarius would love to go to Nepal, or wander the largest market in Shanghai, travel through Europe by car or rafting down the Amazon.

The more unusual the country and the less popular it is with tourists, the more interesting it is to visit Sagittarius. In this regard, Jupiter's wards should definitely visit Africa and Latin American countries like Peru and Chile. It is from there that Sagittarius will be able to bring back the most vivid impressions of the trip.


Individuals of this sign are ruled by Saturn, the planet responsible for consistency, clarity and organization. It is no wonder that aspiring Capricorns are drawn to conservative, closed countries like Germany, Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

In addition, Capricorn will have a great time in countries that demonstrate a new way of organizing the state. In this sense, Saturn wards would be interested in Finland and indeed all Scandinavian countries, South Korea and of course Japan. This is where Capricorns will learn a lot of new and useful things for themselves.


Aquarius has its own, unique way in this world, and it does not depend on countries and continents at all. The personalities of this sign are interested in specific people, processes, events, and therefore the highest impression Aquarius will receive a visit to Tibet or travel to Mexico.

In general, Aquarians love the energy of big cities, which are famous for their progressive approach to development. Therefore, these individuals will love a trip to Amsterdam or Stockholm. Yes, and in our country there are cities that attract their energy of life, which means that Aquarius can be met in Moscow or St. Petersburg.


Led by Neptune, sensual Pisces choose to travel to cities that allow you to immerse yourself in history and evoke excitement from just being in them. Therefore, Portugal and Spain, France and Italy are ideal choices for them.

However, in addition to cultural recreation and exploring memorable places, Pisces is constantly drawn to the seas and oceans. And from this point of view, wishing to relax and rest Neptune's wards are better to choose the coast of the Maldives, Mauritius or the colorful Cuba. In general, any country with a combination of seaside vacations and historical and cultural treasures becomes a favorite for Pisces.

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